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ACT is the Australian Capital Territory, the country's federal district enclaved in New South Wales. It’s centered on the nation's capital, Canberra, but encompasses the surrounding countryside, including the Namadgi National Park and a number of townships and villages. The presence of government departments and international diplomats has helped to create a vibrant and varied community in the territory and the number and range of restaurants in the ACT reflects the diversity to be found here. Check out our selection of ACT restaurants and see for yourself the fantastic choice of cuisines just waiting to be enjoyed.

Dine out in a different region

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    Discover a whole world of flavour in the international restaurants of the ACT

    If you enjoy exotic flavours then you're in for a treat in the restaurants of the ACT. Indian food is particularly popular and the huge variety of Indian restaurants in the ACT reflects this. You can choose from a fantastic selection of classic curries or opt for one of the many contemporary dishes on the menu. The area also has a large Chinese community and there are lots of excellent Chinese restaurants around the ACT. You'll also find some great Malaysian and Thai restaurants, serving up delicious Asian food.
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    ACT restaurants transport you to the Middle East

    While Asian cuisine is undoubtedly a highlight in the territory, there are some ACT restaurants offering fine food from even further afield. Take Saffron Mezze House, for example. This popular eatery on Kennedy Street in Kingston specialises in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine and serves up a mouthwatering menu in sophisticated surroundings. Look out for some delicious mezzes and the set banquet menus, which are a great way of discovering a variety of new dishes. There's also an excellent wine list, which matches perfectly with the food to take your dining experience to a whole new level.
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    Join the cafe culture in the ACT

    With its elegant, tree-lined avenues and bustling city centre, cafe-style restaurants in the ACT offer a chic alternative to more traditional eateries. Take Le Corner Room in Belconnen. Here you can enjoy some excellent coffee and a menu that focuses on noodles and zesty Asian flavours. Smith's Alternative over in Civic, meanwhile, transforms from a live venue at night to be a cool cafe during the day. It's the perfect place for breakfast or lunch and the dukkah plate is outstanding.