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Cafés in Adelaide

 Discover Adelaide’s cool cafe culture

The cosmopolitan South Australian capital, Adelaide is a coastal, culture-filled dreamland with great entertainment options, stunning seascapes and fantastic cafes and restaurants. Exploring Adelaide is always a fun and rewarding experience, never knowing what surprise awaits around each corner. Home to lots of incredible galleries and museums located right by the River Torrens, you’ll find the Art Gallery of South Australia and the South Australian Museum, to name but a few. With annual festivals and cultural celebrations, Adelaide is constantly buzzing with different events and happenings. And how do Adelaidians stay on top of all these goings on? With a whole lot of coffee, that’s how... The cafe culture in Adelaide is energetic and exciting, with bright airy spaces serving up exceptional coffee and food as healthy or unhealthy as you want. Oh and avocados – don’t forget the endless avocados on menus in Adelaide cafes!

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Breeze Aldinga Beach

Aldinga Beach

Cafe Palazzo

North Adelaide

La Scala Cafe

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Chocolate Taperia

North Adelaide

Mad Good Cafe


Magpie Springs

Hope Forest

Red House Shop & Cafe

North Adelaide

Noshery Food & Coffee Bar


My Friend Louis


Creative Fusion Cafe


Blu C Cafe

Christies Beach
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    But first… Coffee, coffee and more coffee

    We would be much grumpier humans without caffeine, so thankfully Adelaide cafes are on hand to keep us fuelled up with excellent coffee at all hours of the day. There are specialty cafes in Adelaide offering coffee nerds every kind of beans and roasts imaginable, with cold brews, hand drips and much more on offer. People who like their coffee with a bit of flair will find Adelaide cafes with triple mochachinos, frappucinos and glam iced coffees on offer. For chocolate lovers, you’ll also find mochas, hot chocolates and more liquid treats on the menus at cafes across Adelaide city centre and suburbs. Whether you’re a flat white person, or a fan of double shot lattés with cinnamon sprinkled on top, you’ll certainly find the exact beverage you require in Adelaide’s plentiful cafes!
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    Dietary requirements are well and truly catered for in Adelaide’s cafes

    With such a high percentage of the Australian population suffering from Coeliac disease, or registered as gluten intolerant it can be tricky eating out sometimes. It should come as a relief to many to discover that cafes across Adelaide have a whole range of gluten free options. Lots of them offer gluten free bread and toast instead or regular bread with dishes, but others go even further by offering gluten free desserts that are almond, polenta, desiccated coconut or gluten free flour-based – and they taste delicious! Similarly, it’s never been more popular to cut out meat, so vegans and vegetarians will find a host of incredible meat-free dishes in Adelaide cafes. Whether it’s mezze plates stacked high with roasted veg, hummus, seed and nuts or tasty tofu salads with Asian slaw and dressing, veggie meals are every bit as flavoursome as their meat-filled counterparts. So no matter your requirements, cafes in Adelaide will provide!
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    Book the best Adelaide cafes with Quandoo

    No matter if you’re an Adelaide local looking for a hidden gem, or a touring visitor on the hunt for the city’s best cafe, Quandoo can do all of the hard work and find the best cafes in Adelaide for you. Browse the best Adelaide cafes, from North Haven all the way down the coast to Glenelg and beyond, and from there you can book a table online in a matter of seconds. Whether you're craving some protein pancakes after a big workout or in need of a big, greasy cooked breakfast after a few too many last night, Quandoo will point you in the right direction. No matter if you’re planning an important business lunch in the city centre, or if you have some romantic plans with that special someone, just download the app and let Quandoo be your own personal cafe guide to Adelaide!