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Chinese Restaurants in Adelaide

 Chinese restaurants around Adelaide are full of surprises

As the capital of South Australia, Adelaide has earned its place as one of Australia’s most prominent cities. Not only that, this cosmopolitan hub for entertainment, nightlife and commerce is also a popular place to make a home for folks from all over the world. In fact, residents born overseas make up nearly 30% of the population, and this diversity adds to the city’s cosmopolitan vibe and even moreso to its impressive culinary scene. With a significant population of Chinese emigres and even its own Chinatown, the city is lucky to boast a fabulous Far Eastern food scene that showcases an array of regional dishes. There are many Chinese restaurants in Adelaide, and you can dine at some of the very best when you search with Quandoo.

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Eastern Garden Chinese Restaurant


China Chilli - Adelaide

City Centre

ChiChilli Chinese Restaurant

City Centre
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Bing's Chinese Restaurant


Renno Spice - Mawson Lakes

Mawson Lakes

Le Yan Chinese Restaurant

Royston Park

T-Chow Chinese Restaurant


Chef Dong

St Peters

Urban Duck


Hanson Palace

Athol Park

Golden West Lakes Chinese

West Lakes

Chao Shan

Hyde Park

Golden Dragon Palace Seafood Restaurant


Modern China Restaurant


Little Canton

Mile End
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    Visit Chinatown for some of the best Chinese restaurants in Adelaide

    For a fun cultural experience that includes plenty of great food, Adelaide’s Chinatown is definitely worth a visit. Home to some of the best Chinese restaurants in Adelaide, this area, centred on Moonta Street, features a variety of great eateries, Chinese supermarkets, and stores selling goods from other Asian countries like Japan, Korea, Malaysia and Vietnam. The area features two Paifang, or Chinese arches, guarded by sculptures of Chinese lions – you can’t miss them if you happen to be in the area (the Grote Street entrance is a must-see). Although the first Chinese workers had arrived in Adelaide in the mid-19th century, the Chinatown wasn’t established until the seventies to eighties. If you’re looking for some of the most authentic Chinese restaurants Adelaide has to offer, why not visit Chinatown and immerse yourself in the food and culture and cuisine right away?
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    Try some dim sum in Adelaide’s Chinese restaurants

    If you’ve never experienced dim sum before, make your way to the Chinese restaurants in Adelaide to try it out for yourself. Dim sum consists of bite-sized portions of of food including an array of different dumplings, small plates and other little accompaniments. Salty, sweet, sour – they’re usually all covered in a meal of dim sum. In some Chinese restaurants in Adelaide, you can also try yum cha, a Cantonese tradition that includes a wide range of dim sum accompanied by endless cups of tea. But don’t forget to fill up your tablemates’ cups before your own, as is customary in China. Much like Spanish tapas, the dim sum delights you’ll find in Adelaide’s Chinese restaurants offer diners the chance to sample, taste and share everyone’s dishes at the table, making for a communal experience that goes well beyond the usual.
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    Find the best Chinese restaurants in Adelaide using Quandoo

    It doesn’t take much research to find Chinese restaurants in Adelaide, but what separates finding places to dine with Quandoo is that you’re only shown the very best, bookable restaurants. So, the next time you feel like delving into dim sum or satisfying your cravings for Szechuan cooking, book a table at one of the many great Chinese restaurants in Adelaide using Quandoo. With an array of filters, you can easily narrow down your search based on your price range, location or the restaurant’s rating. Then simply book your restaurant on the spot and earn Loyalty Points that you can save up and trade for money that will be deposited right into your bank account. Sign up for free, start earning Points and find your new favourite Chinese restaurant in Adelaide with a few clicks of a mouse or taps of a finger!