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Lebanese Restaurants in Adelaide

 Treat yourself to breakfast at Lebanese restaurants in Adelaide

Lebanese restaurants in Adelaide are famous for dishes designed to set you up for a day of sightseeing or working in South Australia's capital. No matter what kind of dish you prefer,

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Zayt & Zaatar

Zayt & Zaatar

Middle Eastern$$$$
Houda's Kitchen (O)

Houda's Kitchen (O)

Middle Eastern$$$$
Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly

St Peters
Middle Eastern$$$$
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    Feast on grilled meats at Lebanese restaurants in Adelaide

    you can sample the full diversity of Lebanese cuisine at Adelaide's restaurants. Over at Zayn and Zaatar on Lower North East Road there are plenty of breakfast dishes to try, including fetteh (a creamier version of hummus) as well as sujuk sausage, pan-fried halloumi and labneh (strained yoghurt).
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    Go veg in Adelaide's Lebanese restaurants

    Beef and lamb has always been important in Middle Eastern cuisines, so if you're a carnivore in Adelaide then the local Lebanese restaurants are the places to be. Zayn and Zaatar is perfect for sampling some authentic Middle Eastern meat dishes like the lahm meshwi lamb skewers cooked with roast tomatoes, onions and served with hummus, which are a real delight for red meat lovers, while white meat fans can enjoy the shish tawook, of marinated chicken breast cooked on the charcoal grill and served with vegetables, hummus and fresh Lebanese hot bread.
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    Leave room for dessert at Lebanese restaurants in Adelaide

    It's not all meat in the Lebanese restaurants in Adelaide though. Vegetarians are more than catered for with the array of chickpeas and vegetable-based dishes on. For some incredible vegetarian food, head down to Hello Dolly on Payneham Road for a range of choices, including classics like falafel (deep fried chickpea balls), mujadara (an iconic Middle Eastern rice dish made with green lentils, ideal for vegans) or crispy vine leaves stuffed with tempting fillings like rice, spices and vegetables.