Chinese Restaurants in Birmingham

 A world of cuisines in Birmingham

With so many different immigrant groups, Birmingham’s population is ethnically diverse and features dozens of different languages, religions and cuisines. Because of this, Birmingham’s culinary scene is one of a kind and a treat for fans of international dining. There’s a large Chinese community here, and with that comes many incredible Chinese restaurants in Birmingham to choose from. There’s even a Chinese Quarter where you can find some of the best Chinese restaurants Birmingham has to offer. From spicy Sichuan to sweet and sour Hunan, China has many different types of cuisine to explore, many of which can be found in some of the best Chinese Restaurants around Birmingham.

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Rainbow Cantonese Restaurant

Kings Heath

Rainbow Palace


Jin Sheng

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Chi Kitchen - Birmingham

City Centre

Vittoria Restaurant & Bar


Shangri-la Chinese Restaurant


The Real China

West Bromwich

Been Restaurant

Town Centre

Peking Garden - Hazel Grove


Essence of the Orient

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    Chinese restaurants in Birmingham’s Chinese Quarter

    In the south side of city centre, the Chinese Quarter is a testament to the diversity of the city and the importance of immigrant communities within Birmingham. Situated close to Digbeth, the Gay Village and the Theatre District, the Chinese Quarter is right in the heart of the city and is easily recognised by its famous seven-storey pagoda on Holloway Circus. Surrounded by Chinese-style gardens, the pagoda was created in Fujian, China and donated to the city of Birmingham by the prominent owners of a Chinese supermarket chain. Just steps from the pagoda you can find the top Chinese restaurants in Birmingham, whether you’re on the hunt for some tasty dim sum, stir-fried noodles or extra spicy Sichuan dishes. Still, while you’ll find some of the best Chinese restaurants in Birmingham in this area, there are still plenty of other amazing restaurants to check out in other parts of the city. Birmingham’s Chinese restaurants are some of the best in the UK, and you’ll find them scattered all over the city.
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    A variety of cuisine styles can be found in Chinese restaurants in Birmingham

    The Chinese restaurants in Birmingham vary greatly from one another, with some catering to the local palate and others sticking to more traditional preparations. Sichuan cuisine can be found in many of the great Chinese restaurants in Birmingham, where you can try fiery dishes made with the famous Sichuan pepper – not your usual chilli pepper, the Sichuan variety is actually a peppercorn that imparts a particular heat different than the peppers most commonly found in the Asian kitchen. Another popular – and spicy – type of Chinese cuisine available in the Chinese restaurants in Birmingham is Hunan, which includes chilli peppers, shallots and plenty of garlic. Usually braised, stewed or fried, the Hunan dishes are one of the most popular styles of Chinese cooking. You can find this style of Chinese cuisine, along with the seven other major sub-cuisines, in one of the many Chinese restaurants in Birmingham.
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    Find the perfect Chinese restaurant in Birmingham with Quandoo

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