Dessert Restaurants in Birmingham

You’re never too far away from your next dessert stop in Birmingham

Cadbury bars are great, but let’s face it: When that need for sugar hits, there are times when just one of it won’t do the trick – and that’s when we go in search of the nearest place to indulge in a calorific treat that will placate our most rabid craving. Thankfully for us, Birmingham has dessert bars of all stripes to fulfil every saccharine-filled desire, and you can find them all on Quandoo. Have a look on our website or app to see the ones around you, then book ahead to save a table for you and your crew easily. Yes, we think life should be this sweet.

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Wedges at Earlswood


The Potting Shed at Singletons Nurseries


D'Lush Desserts

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The Next Desserts


Cafe Morso Barnt Green

Barnt Green

Cafe Morso Alvechurch




Velvet Desserts

City Centre


Kings Heath

Dolce Vita Desserts

Kings Heath
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    Birmingham has desserts for one and all

    Whether you prefer to call it sweets, afters, or simply, dessert, Birmingham offers plenty to go around. From a divine slice of chocolate fudge cake, to a freshly made scoop of gelato, to a creamy portion of rice pudding, we’re here to tell you where some of the best places to find your favourite desserts in Birmingham are. But before we even go there, did you know that the word dessert has its origins in the French word desservir, which means “to clear the table”? Indeed, there’s always a good reason to make room for a decadent post-meal bite, so come along as we delve into the Birmingham dessert scene to find out what awaits us in Britain’s second largest city!
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    Birmingham’s best-kept dessert secret

    The word is out, and it may surprise you: The Balti Triangle is fast gaining a reputation as the go-to stop for desserts in Birmingham. The city’s well-loved curry houses may stand wall-to-wall along Ladypool Road, but look closer and you might notice that dessert shops have been on the rise of late. Starting from the southern end close to where it meets Birchwood Road, Heavenly Desserts is everything its name suggests – divine, lavish and extraordinary – with more sundaes, waffles, crepes and baked delicacies than you can dream of. Moving along, visit Icestone Gelato to see Italian ice cream made before your eyes, then keep heading north just after Brunswick Road to Adore Desserts, which will lure you in with insanely delightful goodies you can’t say no to, such as the Ferrero Rocher cheesecake, sticky toffee pudding and midnight cookie milk shots. A convenient pop across the street will take you to Artisan, the Birmingham dessert parlour where former homegrown Great British Bake Off contestant Ali Imdad dishes out over a hundred of his lovely creations each day. There you have it! The top dessert spots in Birmingham, all in one single location. Isn’t it time you made your way there to sample the best of what Ladypool Road has to offer?
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    Book Birmingham dessert spots the easy way with Quandoo

    Can’t make it to the Balti Triangle? No problem. Birmingham has more dessert spots dotted around the city to satisfy your sweet tooth. If you’re based in or around Kings Heath, Love2Lounge welcomes you into its cosy space with exquisite delights like the Ferrero dream sundae and the white Belgian fondue. Over in Sheldon, you’ll want to drop by The Next Desserts especially in the summer to cool off with its varied assortment of frozen yogurts, sorbets and gelatos. Whenever you feel like a treat, simply hop on our website or app and select from our list of venues known for serving up some of Birmingham’s finest desserts to make a booking. It’s really that easy with Quandoo, so what are you waiting for?