Japanese Restaurants in Birmingham

A History of Fantastic Japanese Restaurants in Birmingham

Birmingham Japanese restaurants have been impressing diners in the area across five different decades. This was one of the first urban areas in the country to experience the unmistakable tastes and aromas of this healthy and nutritious cuisine. Expert chefs in Britain’s second city tickled the tastebuds of local people with a combination of skill, fresh ingredients and theatricality. While most of the early Japanese restaurantsin Birmingham were based in the city centre, it wasn’t long before suburbs such as Edgbaston, Bournville and Sutton Coldfield boasted their own eateries. The cuisines served in Birmingham’s first Japaneserestaurants were styled on the already popular Chinese dishes. However, as tastes changed, raw fish dishes and sushi became more widely available.

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Fukuoka Japanese Restaurant


Nozomi Birmingham

Jewellery Quarter

Little Tokyo

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    There’s classic Japanese cuisine to be enjoyed all over Birmingham

    Birmingham hosts many Japanese restaurants, all serving authentic dishes that are packed with exotic flavours. Among the hotspots for this popular type of cuisine are Fleet Street, the Bullring, Broad Street and Great Western Arcade. The most popular restaurants serving Japanese food in Birmingham all offer a unique speciality. Sushi Passion, for instance, serves its famous Teriyaki sushi platter on authentic zakatu tables. Modern Japanese restaurants give Birmingham residents the chance to sample dishes what the Japanesethemselves cherish, including hand-dived scallop and yellowfin tuna otoro.
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    Healthy and nutritious Japanese dishes for every taste

    The Japanese food in Birmingham restaurants is some of the healthiest and balanced in the city. Whether you’re on a fitness drive or trying to make permanent changes to your lifestyle, the use of fresh vegetables and fish in this style of cuisine is perfect for a healthy diet. Among the ingredients most widely used in Japanese dishes are avocado, rice, seaweed, salmon, pickles and lean meat. Classics such as salmon and avocado uramaki, California roll and crispy tempura prawns not only deliver on flavour, they are low in saturated fat and high in essential minerals and vitamins.
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    Japanese cuisine in Birmingham restaurants is just a click away

    Whether you’re visiting Otoro Sushi in the Bullring or Robata Bar and Grill in the Bickenhill area, you can rely on Birmingham’s Japanese restaurants to serve up well balanced meals that taste fantastic. There are literally dozens of fantastic Japanese restaurants in Birmingham, and booking your table has never been easier. Quandoo allows you to search for restaurants in your area, check out the menus and reserve a table.