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Turkish Restaurants in Birmingham

 Turkish restaurants in Birmingham: so much more than just kebabs

Think of Turkish cuisine and you probably think of doner, but Turkish cuisine in the United Kingdom extends way beyond a drunk kebab on your way home from the club. The demand for authentic Turkish cuisine keeps growing and growing, with restaurants all over the country opening up, showcasing the rich and fresh flavours of the Ottoman Empire. Birmingham in particular is a great place to enjoy authentic Turkish cuisine – the city is brimming with real Turkish restaurants serving up charcoal-grilled meats, mouthwatering mezze, fresh fish and seafood and other Turkish delights. Find the best Turkish restaurants in Birmingham with Quandoo and then easily reserve your table online.

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Istanbul Turkish Restaurant

Rowley Regis

Cappadocia Resturant

Jewellery Quarter

Istanbul Restaurant- Birmingham

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Istanbul Kitchen


Konya's Gold

Jewellery Quarter

Marmaris Sun




Friendly Fire & Friendly Grill


Sultan restaurant


Basil of Anatolia

Town Centre
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    Experience a piece of the Ottoman Empire at Birmingham Turkish restaurants

    Turkish cuisine has a whole lot of history, dating back to the time of the Ottoman Empire which founded at the end of the thirteenth century. The area that is now known as Turkey today was under the control of the Ottomans, as well as some of the Middle East and a lot of Southern and Eastern Europe. Ottoman cuisine was inspired by the traditional foods of the captured areas, such as Greece and the Balkans, and these various influences combined to make Turkish cuisine what it is today. You don’t need to travel to Turkey to try them either – experience time-tested cooking techniques and centuries old dishes when you visit Birmingham’s many Turkish restaurants.
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    Anatolian eats: The best dishes to try at Birmingham Turkish restaurants

    When it comes to cooking meat, the Turks are the real pros. If you’re a meat lover, you must sample some kofte (melt-in-your-mouth meatballs made with ground meat mixed with herbs and spices), doner (meat cooked on a vertical rotisserie) and sucuk (a type of spicy Turkish sausage). Surrounded by four different seas, the abundance of coast that Turkey is blessed with means that fish and seafood dishes are extremely popular. Levrek (seabass) is one of the most popular types of fish that you will find on the menu at Birmingham's Turkish restaurants, served simply to allow the fresh flavours of the fish to stand out. Vegetarian? Have no fear, Turkish cuisine is rich in vegetables and grains, catering equally as well to meat-free eaters with dishes like menemen, a Turkish omelette made with runny egg, onions, tomatoes, and green peppers and served with bread to soak up the juices. Meze is another Turkish tradition, consisting of small, bite-sized dishes that are typically served as snacks and accompanied by alcohol. When dining Turkish style at Birmingham restaurants, be sure to try dolma (grape leaves stuffed with a mixture of garlic, onion, aubergine, and tomato) and borek (a filo pastry filled with feta cheese).
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    Find the finest Turkish restaurants in Birmingham with Quandoo

    There certainly is no shortage of great Turkish restaurants in Birmingham. Whether you’re looking for a Turkish gem in the Jewellery Quarter, want to dine on doner and more in Digbeth, or are in the mood for authentic Anatolian eats in the Southside, there is sure to be a good selection of Turkish restaurants in Birmingham near you. From romantic date spots to cheap and cheerful kebab shops, no matter what your budget or requirements are, Birmingham’s Turkish restaurants offer something for all occasions and appetites. With Quandoo you can filter by area and price range, and then when you’ve made a decision, simply book a table at your chosen restaurant online. Dining out at Turkish restaurants in Birmingham has never been so easy!