Fish Restaurants in Brisbane

Enjoy a taste of the sea at fish restaurants in Brisbane

Brisbane has long been considered the gateway to Queensland, but in more recent years this multicultural city has emerged as an exciting dining destination. Cuisines from far and wide are represented in this sprawling coastal region, with diverse dishes from every corner of the globe. One area where this eclectic blend of cuisines converges however is seafood, with fish restaurants in Brisbane standing as some of the finest in the state of Queensland and Australia at large. Whether you're sampling spicy tuna rolls in trendy sushi bars in the CBD, or savouring shellfish at beachside bistros along the coast, fish restaurants in Brisbane never fail to disappoint.

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Seagrill by Viet De Lites


Fish 53

East Brisbane

Kingfisher Seafood Cafe

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Wilsons Boathouse


Kiss My Fish - Garden City

Upper Mount Gravatt

Kiss My Fish - Rochedale


Domanis Cafe Restaurant & Bar

Main Beach

Alpha Seafood Restaurant

Surfers Paradise
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    Savour superior seafood at the best fish restaurants in Brisbane

    It's not just the amazing range of cuisines that make fish restaurants in Brisbane so appealing, it's the quality of the catch itself. Australia has access to one of the largest fishing zones in the world, with bountiful hauls ensuring Brisbane's fish restaurants remain well stocked with quality ingredients. The pristine waters that surround the Australian mainland produce some of the most sought after seafood around, with species like salmon, lobster, prawn abalone and tuna a regular fixture on menus at fish restaurants in Brisbane.
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    Tuck into traditional seafood suppers

    There's few dishes more satisfying than a bog-standard fish and chips. While the United Kingdom might lay claim to this old favourite, Brisbane fish restaurants excell at it too and their patrons have embraced it with gusto. You're more likely like to find freshly fried flake on the menus here, however, although if you're a purist there are several fish restaurants in Brisbane that cater to lovers of cod, too.
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    All cuisines are covered at Brisbane’s fish restaurants

    It's not all about fried fillets and simple sides at Brisbane's fish restaurants. This cosmopolitan city has long been a home to cultures from all over the globe, with significant Chinese and Indian populations. Once you move away from the conventional fish restaurants and Mediterranean eateries in Brisbane, there's a distinct Pan-Asian culinary scene to discover as well – which are perfect if you're looking to partake in seafood dishes with a little more flair and finesse. But no matter whether you're enticed by aromatic curries and spicy seafood medleys or you are simply craving the comforts of more familiar favourites, it's never been easier to book a table online. Browse nearby fish restaurants at a glance, then make your reservation in moments with Quandoo!