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Queensland's capital city is known around the country as a home for world-class restaurants. You’ll find a plethora of chic and stylish places to dine featuring cuisines from around the world. Brisbane's French restaurants are no exception, and whether you're looking for gourmet dining or a light meal, there truly is a dish for everyone. Brisbane's French restaurants offer incredible meals ranging from traditional classics like veal and potato gratin and beef tartare to more unusual, innovative French-inspired fusion dishes, so no matter which of Brisbane's French restaurants you pick, when you open the menu you're sure to find something you'll love.

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Aquitaine Brasserie

South Brisbane
Aquitaine Brasserie



Sprout French Cafe BYO

Sprout French Cafe BYO
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    Discover original, authentic French restaurants in Brisbane

    Founded in 1825 and nestled along the Brisbane River, the city is home to three world-class universities and is an epicentre of big business, so it’s no surprise that this growing city is home to a plethora of people from all over the world. As a result, restaurants from all corners of the globe have sprung up here resulting in Brisbane becoming one one of Australia's prime culinary destinations. In fact, Brisbane is the home to many famous Sydney and Melbourne restaurateurs’ sophomore restaurants. And as for the French restaurants in Brisbane? Well, you can expect to find authentic decor like modern comptoir-style bars, chic brasseries tucked away in laneways and fine dining restaurants: all of which make you feel as though you could be in Paris, Bordeaux or on the Riviera. Brisbane's French restaurants are the real deal, trust us.
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    Treat your significant other to a romantic meal

    France is known around the world for being one of the most romantic places on the planet, so Brisbane's French restaurants are the ideal choice if you're looking to treat your partner to a special meal. Get together for a pre-dinner drink at one of the many thriving bars before evoking the spirit of Paris in restaurants like Aquitaine Brasserie in Southbank's Sidon Street, where you can share delicious dishes for two, like the wood-fired bendele whole duck served with pickled shallots and red pepper aigre doux in gorgeous, softly-lit surroundings.
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    Sample gourmet dining at Brisbane's French restaurants

    If you're looking for a meal out with a real touch of class, Brisbane's French restaurants can offer you the gourmet dining experience you're looking for. Why not sample some of the high-end dishes on offer at Montrachet on Given Terrace in Paddington, like the duck and cognac parfait with orange and brioche, or the oven baked coral trout in a chardonnay beurre blanc sauce. Whichever gourmet French restaurant in Brisbane you go for, the quality ingredients prepared by wonderful chefs will delight your tastebuds and give you an evening to truly remember.
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    And which drop shall you choose?

    As well as delectable cuisine, France is known for its rolling vineyards and is arguably Europe's wine capital. Pairing food and wine is an art that has been perfected by the talented sommeliers and chefs at Brisbane's French restaurants, so you'll be spoiled for choice when you take a look at the wine selection. For meals with grilled red meat, look out for a cabernet sauvignon from Bordeaux, or for a braised meat dish, your best bet is to opt for a rich Burgundy. For duck, we advise a pinot noir and for a seafood dish, it’s often recommended to select a white Burgundy. However, it’s always best to confirm with the sommelier on hand to ensure your choice will compliment the meal just perfectly.
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    Let Brisbane's French restaurants satisfy your sweet tooth

    If you like to round off your meals with a scrumptious sweet treat, you're in luck. Some of France's best desserts have made their way into Brisbane's French restaurants. Keep an eye out for the famous Ccrème brûlée, a rich custard base topped with a layer of hard caramel, often flavoured with vanilla; a delicate egg-based soufflé or some indulgent profiteroles of filled French choux pastry balls with sweet fillings of whipped cream, custard and pastry cream. Washed down with a French dessert wine, treating yourself to a dessert will perfectly top your night off at one of Brisbane’s best French restaurants, that’s for sure.
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    Book a French restaurant in Brisbane in seconds with Quandoo

    Luckily for you, at Quandoo we've done all the hard work and sampled the best French restaurants Brisbane has to offer. Our online map shows you where to go and points out the highlights from the menu, so you've got all the information you need at your fingertips. What's more, you can book your chosen place in seconds so you don't have to waste time emailing the restaurant or calling ahead. Whether you're celebrating a big event or simply having a romantic evening for two, booking your next French restaurant in Brisbane with Quandoo couldn't be easier.