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Enjoy top kebabs at Middle Eastern restaurants in Brisbane

The kebab enjoys an excellent status in the Middle East and beyond, and the Middle Eastern restaurantshere in Brisbane are known for the quality of their meats. At Ferdows Garden on Moggill Road, for example, you can sample excellent meat kebabs such as koobideh (minced lamb served on a bed of saffron rice, peppers and tomatoes) or, if you prefer white meat, the joojeh (pieces of delicious chicken thigh marinated in onion and lemon and again served with rice and salad).

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Lahore Grill

Middle Eastern$$$$

Arabesque Bazaar

Surfers Paradise
Middle Eastern$$$$

Shiraz Persian Restaurant

Surfers Paradise
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Mecca Bah Gold Coast

Middle Eastern$$$$
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    Have a light salad at Middle Eastern restaurants in Brisbane

    If you're going out for lunch at Middle Eastern restaurants in Brisbane and don't fancy a large meal, why not enjoy a delicious light salad? At Ferdows Garden you can enjoy a wide range of salads, including the fasl salad (fresh, seasonal vegetables) or the salad shirazi (with tomatoes, onions, chives and dill). And over at Lahore Grill on Underwood Road, you can try a spicier Middle Eastern salad dish by opting for the kachumer salad (onion, cabbage, tomato and cucumber with a dash of green chilli). Whatever sort of salad you fancy, there'll be something for you at Brisbane's Middle Eastern restaurants.
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    Try some top curries at Middle Eastern restaurants in Brisbane

    When it comes to Middle Eastern food, Pakistani cuisine in particular is notable for its delicious, spicy curries. Down at Lahore Grill, diners who enjoy fine meat dishes can try the kasturi (made with either mutton or chicken and served in a cheese and tomato sauce) or the saagwala (made with a creamy spinach sauce). Vegetarians, too, can find something they'll like here. The malai kofta (fried and crispy balls of potato made in a spicy tomato sauce) is a favourite, while dairy lovers will enjoy the traditional palak paneer (spicy spinach and cheese).
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    Sample traditional desserts at Middle Eastern restaurants in Brisbane

    With ingredients like dairy, nuts and syrups popular in Middle Eastern cuisine, it's no surprise that many Middle Eastern restaurants in Brisbane serve up some spectacular desserts. At Ferdows Garden, for example, classics like baklava (a sweet filo pastry covered in syrup and nuts) are on the menu, as are less well known dessert dishes such as faloodeh (thin noodles served in a partly frozen syrup and rosewater mixture). With Quandoo, desserts like these at Brisbane's Middle Eastern restaurants are just a few clicks away with our innovative online booking system.