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Try the exciting food of Brisbane's Spanish restaurants

Spanish cuisine is one of the most lively in the world. With a focus on sharing, tasting various dishes and partaking in good conversation with your loved ones, it’s little wonder that Spanish restaurants in Brisbane have fared so well, as this is very much a similar mindset to the Australian way of life. We all know Brisbane as a colourful, exciting and upbeat city and Brisbane's Spanish restaurants fit so well with that culture. The food is sophisticated but fun, endlessly varied and focused on using the best local ingredients available. If you're looking for skilled cooking served in a lively atmosphere, check out the best Spanish restaurants in Brisbane right here on Quandoo and book your table now.

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Brick Bistro Bar

Brick Bistro Bar

La Bomba Cafe & Tapas Bar

Seven Hills
La Bomba Cafe & Tapas Bar


Palm Beach
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    Discover small plates in the Spanish restaurants of Brisbane

    If you fancy a light snack with some great wine in good company, Brisbane's Spanish restaurants have the perfect answer. There are two forms of small plates in Spanish cuisine, one is pintxos, which is from the north of the country, and refers to selecting your choices from a tempting selection at the bar. The more well-known form is of course, tapas which is where you typically order from a menu with several meat, fish and vegetable options. Luckily, you won’t have to travel to Spain to experience this wonderful style of eating, as the Spanish restaurants in Brisbane serve both styles, with an array of delectable dishes just waiting to be tried. This is a wonderfully social way to eat. You can sample a great variety of little plates, discover new tastes and enjoy sharing the experience with friends and family.
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    Indulge in a feast at Brisbane's Spanish restaurants

    Now and then we all like to splurge on a special meal. Luckily the Spanish restaurants in Brisbane provide the ideal combination of excellent service and outstanding food to allow you to do just that. If you’re after something meaty, pay a visit to Seven Hills and see the team at La Bomba Cafe & Tapas Bar where the beef cheeks con ximenez of slow-roasted beef in a ximenez reduction served with garden peas and a herb salad is truly life-changing. This Brisbane Spanish restaurant is also an excellent choice for seafood lovers. Try the popular croquettas de bacalao (salted cod in panko breadcrumbs) or pulpo con chorizo (grilled octopus and smoked chorizo with lime, mint, parsley and cherry tomatoes) for some tapas or for a main, this Brisbane Spanish restaurant does an exceptional crispy skinned snapper from its ‘raciones’ menu.
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    Look out for these classics at Brisbane’s Spanish restaurants

    Your mouth may already be salivating at the thought of all these dishes we’ve mentioned already, but the variety of Spanish cuisine is so great we’ve barely scratched the surface. And of course, we would be remiss to not mention the crème de la crème of Spanish cuisine – paella. Paella is claimed to originate in Valencia but today most regions of Spain have their own specific version, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a Spanish restaurant in Brisbane not serving this iconic dish. Paella made with saffron rice combined with white fish, prawns, squid and clams, while chicken and chorizo can also be included. This dish is ideal for sharing and should be slightly charred on the bottom to maximise the flavour. You’ll also find an array of charcuterie boards in Brisbane’s Spanish restaurants brimming with cured meats and cheeses, perfect for nibbling on while basking in the sun and enjoying a sangria or two. To discover more about this rich cuisine, reserve a table at one of Brisbane’s best Spanish restaurants with Quandoo – you won’t regret it!