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Restaurants in Bury St Edmunds

 Escape the city for a change

Bury St Edmunds, in the country’s east, is one of the most historic market towns in England. This quaint spot in Suffolk boasts a combination of medieval architecture, Georgian squares and impressive churches, including the famous Bury St Edmunds Abbey and its gardens. The market here has won numerous awards, and its shopping district is equally as impressive, so it comes as no surprise then – especially being only two hours away from London – that Bury St Edmunds is a mecca for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. With so much to see and do here, it’s highly likely you’ll build up quite the appetite when visiting Bury St Edmunds, and luckily restaurants are packed with delicious and wholesome fare, just begging to be tried. To give you an idea of what to expect from the Bury St Edmunds restaurants, read on and prepare for your mouth to water!

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Côte Bury St Edmunds

Town Centre

Côte Covent Garden - St Martin's Lane

Covent Garden

Côte Covent Garden - Tavistock Street

Covent Garden
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    Bury St Edmunds restaurant and dining scene

    As we mentioned, Bury St Edmunds is only two hours from London. Being so close to the capital, certain cultural elements have certainly rubbed off here. You’ll find exceptional theatres, galleries, museums and festivals, but it’s the dining scene that’s really kicking off at the moment. The restaurant scene in Bury St Edmunds reflects the county it hails from. Rural Suffolk is one of England’s most bountiful natural larders, and is home to a wealth of green fields, arable land and farms with happy and healthy livestock. It’s because of this abundance of local produce, that the food scene has erupted and the restaurants in Bury St Edmunds – one of the economic centres of Suffolk – are only going from strength to strength. You’ll find menus featuring Suffolk meat, vegetables, wheat and other grains, and of course sugar beets, and no matter where you dine, Bury St Edmunds restaurants offer up fresh, locally sourced produce, so you’re always guaranteed to fill your boots with quality fare.
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    Fill up before a night at the theatre

    Despite being a relatively small town, the restaurants in Bury St Edmunds are anything but. What we mean is, that whatever you happen to be craving, whether it’s a hearty British-style fill, mouthwatering curry, or American-style fully loaded burger with the works, you’ll be able to treat yourself to anything at the Bury St Edmunds Restaurants. Now, as we mentioned before, this town has got a real cultural aspect to it, and actually is home to the only surviving Regency theatre in England. The Theatre Royal boasts a hefty arty program throughout the year, where you’ll be able to catch a diverse range of shows that are both locally and nationally produced. And to make sure you don’t go hungry beforehand, the Bury St Edmunds restaurants have an array of enticing pre-theatre menus. Though, we do know what sometimes there just isn’t quite enough time, so many serve up quality post-theatre menus so you can discuss what your saw over a glass of wine and a tasty bite to keep the fun times going.
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    And how do you pick the perfect Bury St Edmunds restaurant?

    Now we know we’ve mentioned a few cuisines here, and trust us, you’ll find a dizzying number of exceptional restaurants peppered throughout Bury St Edmunds. Whether you’re in for a quiet and casual meal, in the mood for some tasty gastropub fare, or have a special occasion to celebrate at one of the fine dining restaurants in Bury St Edmunds, you’ll be easily able to find the perfect spot to suit any evening or occasion. And to make life easy, just pop on Quandoo, select your cuisine of choice, price point and location and we’ll sort it all out. All you need to do is take in the beautiful surroundings of this historic town and work up an appetite! You’ll be in for a treat, of that we are absolutely sure!