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3 Restaurants in Dickson, Canberra

Dickson's Indian restaurants are among Canberra's leading curry houses

Instead of cooking for yourself or relying on the same old local takeouts, why not have a look at Quandoo's selection of the finest restaurants in Canberra's Dickson neighbourhood? Located in the northern half of the capital city, this part of town has a diverse dining scene, but it's especially well-suited to Indian food fans. In fact, few parts of Canberra have curry restaurants like Dickson, which hosts chefs from both southern India, Bengal and the Himalayas. So, whether you're up for trying some Nepali-style marinated lamb or some Bengali fish, you're in the right area.

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Bon Kura Japanese Cuisine

Bon Kura Japanese Cuisine

Taj Agra Indian Restaurant

Taj Agra Indian Restaurant

7 Village Indian Restaurant

7 Village Indian Restaurant
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    Discover some of Canberra's finest Japanese restaurants in Dickson

    If Indian tucker isn't your thing, no worries. There are plenty of other dishes to try in northern Canberra. For instance, Dickson's restaurants include some fantastic Japanese kitchens which serve up filling bento boxes at lunchtime as well as the freshest sushi and sashimi platters around. Bundle in some ultra-tasty wagyu beef and out of the ordinary specials like grilled salt mackerel, and there should be options to delight any Japanese food connoisseur.