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2 Restaurants in Canberra: Malaysian

Sample traditional spicy dishes at Canberra’s Malaysian restaurants

Canberra is an excellent place to enjoy authentic Malaysian food, and the restaurants here are serving up delicious dishes from this diverse and exciting nation. Many of these top dishes have been influenced by Malaysia's historic position as a spice trader, and Canberra’s Malaysian restaurants have lots of these spicy dishes on their menus. For example, sambal nasi goreng (a choy sum and cabbage fried rice dish which came into existence as a way to use up leftover rice) is a popular choice. Because Malaysia has almost 5,000 kilometers of coastline, so authentic seafood dishes like nasi goreng kampung (rice served with salty fried anchovies, green chilli and vegetables) are also on the menus.

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Malaysian Chapter Canberra

Malaysian Chapter Canberra

The Clove Route

The Clove Route
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    Enjoy quality dishes at Canberra's Malaysian restaurants

    The country’s capital may not be as large as some of Australia’s major metropolises, but Canberra’s Malaysian restaurants are some of the best in the country. Malaysian people started coming in earnest to Canberra as students in the mid twentieth century, and since then their cuisine has got steadily more popular. These days, Canberra’s Malaysian restaurants are even winning coveted slots in the nationwide Good Food Guide. To sample some of this top class cooking, head down to the area around Bunda Street for some fine dishes. Try the char kway teow made with stir fried flat noodles, fish cakes, Chinese chives and bean sprouts, or go for the veggie maggi goreng made with eggs, choy sum and fresh vegetables.
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    Try a light bite at Malaysian restaurants in Canberra

    Due to mmigration between the countries from the 15th century onwards, Malaysian cuisine has been heavily influenced by culinary formats popular in China. That's why there are plenty of dim sum dishes available at Malaysian restaurants in Canberra. Down at Malaysian Chapter on Weedon Close, for example, the vegetarian fried tofu balls made with herbs, lemongrass and sweet chilli sauce are great if you just fancy a quick bite. In addition, the entree platter (comprised of prawn dumplings, chicken satay and curry puffs) acts as an ideal sharer for groups.
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    Book in advance at Malaysian restaurants in Canberra

    Canberra's Malaysian restaurants fill up fast, so it's definitely advisable to book ahead of time in order to avoid disappointment. Here at Quandoo, we've researched the best Malaysian restaurants in Canberra and pulled together menu highlights, diner reviews and location information from restaurants across the city. All you have to do is find one you like the look of, then book online without needing to call ahead. It's never been simpler to sort out a meal at Canberra's Malaysian restaurants, so get to it!