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1 Restaurant in Canberra: Thai

Explore the taste sensations of Canberra's Thai restaurants

Canberra's dining scene is like that of Australia's, but in miniature size: a huge variety of cuisines, top-quality local ingredients and inventive cooking. The excellent Thai restaurants in Canberra are a perfect example of these qualities, bringing wonderful flavours, vibrant colours and exciting new dishes to the city. These dishes offer the widest range of taste sensations, from hot and spicy to mild, sweet and sour. Canberra's Thai restaurants also offer everything from a light and healthy lunch to the most indulgent dinner feast. Check out our selection of the leading Thai restaurants in Canberra and book yourself a tasty treat.

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Thai Chiang Rai Belconnen

Thai Chiang Rai Belconnen
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    Try these mouthwatering starters in Canberra's best Thai restaurants

    There are so many delicious ways to kick off your meal when you visit one of the excellent Thai restaurants in Canberra. Soups and broths are a standout. Try a spicy tom yum or creamy tom ka gai to get your tastebuds buzzing in anticipation of your main course. Thai fishcakes are another favourite, and you'll also find peanut chicken satay on the menus of many Thai restaurants across Canberra. Mussels in a curry broth are an excellent twist on a familiar dish and chicken meatballs spiced with coriander and chilli will get the temperature rising. Curried pork in lettuce wraps is another spicy option, while larb gai is a simple and healthy chicken salad with delicious barbecue flavours.
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    The main event at Thai restaurants in Canberra

    You'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to ordering mains in Canberra's Thai restaurants. Pork belly with young mango and herbs is unctuous and satisfying, while salmon green curry offers a new take on an old favourite. Nuts are a key ingredient in Thai cooking and fried chicken breast with cashews delivers that nutty taste in spades. Thai basil beef is a great way to enjoy that famous Thai herb, while duck and lychee red curry accentuates those pungent spices. Shrimp coconut curry is a good choice for those who enjoy a milder dish and fish baked in banana leaves is a subtle and delicate dish that is absolutely delicious.
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    Get your just desserts at Canberra's Thai restaurants

    Even though you're sure to love all those starters and mains, you really should leave a little room for dessert when you eat at one of Canberra's Thai restaurants. One uniquely Thai pudding is khao neow toorien, which is sticky rice with coconut milk flavoured with the famous durian fruit. Another traditional dessert is khao tom mud, which again combines coconut and sticky rice but this time pairs them with sweet black beans and sugar, wrapped in a banana leaf. If you're looking for something a little different, you could always try khao mao tod, which is made with an over-ripe banana that's wrapped in sticky rice and coconut then deep-fried until crisp on the outside and gooey and delicious on the inside.
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    Enjoy a feast of fun at these leading Thai restaurants in Canberra

    Can't make up you mind what to try? No worries. Many of Canberra's Thai restaurants offer banquets or tasting menus where you can sample a huge range of dishes. These are best enjoyed with friends or family, when you can share little plates and compare notes on your favourites. Don't worry if you forget which ones you loved, that's all the more reason to enjoy another banquet on your next visit. It's never a bad time for Thai, so book that visit right here on Quandoo.