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Siena's of Leederville

Leederville · Italienisch · $$$$
334 Bewertungen


Siena's of Leederville
115 Oxford Street, Leederville
Perth 6007


Jetzt geöffnet - Schließt um 22:00
11:30 - 22:00
11:30 - 15:00
17:00 - 22:00
11:30 - 15:00
17:00 - 22:00
11:30 - 15:00
17:00 - 22:00
11:30 - 15:00
17:00 - 22:00
11:30 - 15:00
17:00 - 22:00
11:30 - 22:00

Empfehlungen aus der Küche



Prawn and avocado salad

A$ 24.50

Green salad

A$ 7.00

Smoke salmon & avocado salad

A$ 25.50


Pollo Toscana

Grilled marinated chicken thigh with sundries tomatoes, mushrooms & spinach served with salad and mixed vegetables
A$ 26.50

Black Angus powerhouse steak

Served with a porcini mushroom sauce, salad & vegetables
A$ 33.00

Salmone livorno

Pan fried Tasmanian salmon served with potatoes & steamed snow peas with a caramelised erudition balsamic vinegar sauce
A$ 32.50



A$ 17.00

Quattro Stagioni

Mushrooms, artichokes, capsicum and sausage
A$ 21.50

Calzone Vegetariana

Mushrooms, capsicum, pumpking & olives all wrapped into a parcel
A$ 21.50


Rigatoni al Tonno

Italian tuna, capers, olives, onions & chilli in a tomato sauce
A$ 21.50

Spaghetti carbonara

Bacon, onions, egg, garlic & parmesan cheese
A$ 21.50

Penne Amatriciana

Bacon, onion, garlic, chilli & fresh basil in a tomato sauce
A$ 21.50
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334 Siena's of Leederville Bewertungen

imgPaige B.vor 3 Tagen · 2 Bewertungen

We love this restaurant! It's consistent, generous servings and well-priced. The staff are friendly and attentive without being annoying. We also love that they've put in some sound reduction measures on the ceiling to make it a bit more peaceful, even when it's busy. Great work!

Lauren B.vor 7 Tagen · 1 Bewertung

Very good, friendly and efficient service. Brilliant food and prices!

Linda B.vor 17 Tagen · 1 Bewertung

My friends and I visit Sienna's about 3 to 4 times a year. We are always happy with the service, ambience and menu. Also kiddie friendly.

Molina G.vor 17 Tagen · 1 Bewertung

The food was good. The service was good. And the ease of booking using Quandoo app makes it so easy too. Overall very happy. Will come back.

Sebastian S.vor einem Jahr · 1 Bewertung

Myself, my wife and three of our children went to Siena's for lunch. There is a very good range of Italian dishes at fairly reasonable prices and so quite spoilt for choice. Two of our children had the decently priced kids' meals and our third had a Hawaiian pizza - the only complaint to be had there was that the portion of spag bol wasn't large enough. Before our mains we had calamari which was very tasty. After that, my wife had eggplant parmigiana and I had the linguini firenze. The eggplant parmi was delicious and filling but the firenze was a bit disappointing in that it was far too buttery (and I like rich food but even for me it was too rich). The menu said a 'creamy pesto sauce' but I mostly tasted butter - the presence of basil was very mild (but maybe that had something to do with the region of Italy my pesto sauce came from). However, the prawns and scallops were cooked to perfection as was the linguini. The desserts and coffees ordered for afterwards went down very well as we soaked up the family atmosphere. We would go back again as our experience was generally good and there's lots to choose from on the menu. I only hope next time that our meals arrive more or less at the same time. Two of our kids had finished their meals by the time mine and my wife's arrived!

Shane O.vor 3 Monaten · 1 Bewertung

Going out with our 4 year old used to be a less than relaxing experience, as he got bored of hanging out with adults and wanted to go walkabout during the meal. Seina's has a large playroom that was constantly filled with kids, so while waiting for our food, he was off jumping around with other kids. The service was great, with plenty of waitstaff to hand and everyone anxious to please. As we are vegan, this can sometimes cause an issue with finding something suitable, but no problem here with quickly homing in on, to be honest, way more food than we needed - the portions were generous and we ended up stuffed and groaning. Basic fare but very tasty. Good work by Siena's for a pleasant night out. Glad we went early as the queue was out the door when we left at 7pm

Jake D.vor 7 Monaten · 1 Bewertung

Outstanding food and drinks for an affordable Wednesday night special. The atmosphere is nice although my guest and I were seated in a shadowy corner. In terms of service, the food was speedily delivered however the front of house greeting is terrible (the man looks unhappy and never smiled once when we entered and when we paid despite it being a full restaurant). Furthermore, most good restaurants provide water and pepper without having to be asked. Siena's could improve on this aspect of its service. I would definitely go back for the food on a Wednesday but would warn my guests that the service is uneven. They clear your plates so fast you get the sense they want you to leave so that more people can spend money.

Justin B.vor 7 Monaten · 1 Bewertung

Siena's is neat and friendly. You've got to book ahead on Tuesdays because it gets busy. We had a decent sized table for two in the back section which has good lighting. I had gnocchi - I couldn't resist; I love it - with lots of mushrooms and walnuts. No! I couldn't finish it. Drinks and meals arrive in no time at all. It's like they cared that I was hungry. All of the staff seemed happy to be working there. Nice place.

Lonnie N.vor 4 Monaten · 1 Bewertung

Great food, great atmosphere and great service!! No real delay waiting for food. Staff was very friendly. It was a Thursday night but the restaurant was half full at 6pm. It was nearly full by the time 7 o'clock came. It goes to show how popular this restaurant is. Parking at the back is very easy, with 1st hour still free. Highly recommended. Been there often and the gentleman at the till recognised me. :)

Moira B.vor 25 Tagen · 1 Bewertung

Always very busy but staff are always accommodating when taking last minute bookings. Food always of a very good quality and service is always very quick. Great for families as there is a play area for the children. Monday through to Wednesday cheap night for pizza and pasta and cocktails. Always good value. Would definitely recommend and will return again.

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