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Shop UR3 Southgate Complex, Upper Level, Southbank
Melbourne 3006

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BT Fish 'n' Chips

Batter snapper fillets with a cucumber, bean shoot, fresh chilli, mint & coriander salad with chips
28,00 AUD

Sake and Miso Cured Salmon Fillet

With kimchi, seaweed salad, rice noodles and toasted sesame mayo
32,00 AUD

Zataar Rubbed Lamb Rump

With smokey baba ganoush, wild rocket, wholegrain tomato salsa, crumbled feta & mint scented jus
34,00 AUD


Caramelised Onion, Pear & Taleggio

Filled ravioli, with tomato and a walnut lemon, sage brown butter sauce
26,00 AUD

Country Style Roast Duck Risotto

Shredded roast duck, with snow pea leaves, figs & manchego cheese
27,00 AUD

Prawns, Scallops, Calamari & Crab Claw Meat

Linguini in a herbed olive oil, garlic, chilli & slow roasted cherry tomatoes
30,00 AUD


100% Angus Prime Beef Burger

Lettuce, tomato, pickles, Spanish onions, cheese, American mustard & tomato sauce
24,00 AUD

Spicy Satay Chicken

Marinated fried chicken fillet, with lettuce, onion, tomato, coriander, and BT satay
24,00 AUD

Pulled Lamb Burger

Pulled lamb, lettuce, hummus, beetroot relish, red onions, aioli & fresh mint
24,00 AUD

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156 arvostelua
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Sue B.13 päivää sitten · 2 arvostelua

I met up with an old school friend for lunch so there was aot of catching up to do with much talk and reminiscing Ordered from the $20 lunchtime menu. Waiters unphased by our tardiness in ordering or by our still being there at 4.00 still talking over coffee. The food was great, the service was great. It was very easy to book the table on line. Excellent day.

Cassidy H.kuukausi sitten · 1 arvostelu

Food was amazing and well priced! Staff and service was amazing! Had a lovely night celebrating a 21st, very nice venue for simple get togethers or date nights!

MICHELLE R.kuukausi sitten · 1 arvostelu

Second time I've been in the last couple of weeks as I had a great experience the first time.The food was amazing, can't fault the staff they were really nice and attentive. Thanks for a lovely lunch.

April B.kuukausi sitten · 1 arvostelu

Great food and great service. The staff were very attentive and very friendly. Always a lovely place to catch up with friends. We come here often and have been doing so for 15 years

Jessica C.vuosi sitten · 1 arvostelu

Thank you so much to our amazing waiter, I'm sorry I don't know your name but you could see my child was struggling last night, she was crying, overtired and struggling with dinner, it was her bday and you were so patient and non judgmental with her... We appreciated this so much as you cant tell to look at her but she is Autistic and struggles with social situations.. I wish I knew your name so we could thank you! Dinner was amazing and service was even better! Thanks you for salvaging her bday and making us feel at ease.. Blue train is extremely family friendly and can't recommend highly enough! Many thanks!!!

Dan B.kahdeksan kuukautta sitten · 1 arvostelu

Our party of 10 persons was seated at the far end of the restaurant and it felt like we were basically forgotten needing to get our own drinks and to gesture to the wait staff when we were ready to order after waiting for some time. Most of our drinks were obtained by self service journey's to the bar. Unfortunately on one of the couple of occasions we managed to get drinks delivered to the table the waitress managed to spill two stubbies of beer down my front and on my lap, shattering one of the stubbies in the process. While I understand accidents can and do happen it was the lack of effort to clean up that was disappointing. I was not offered a towel or any other means of cleaning myself and after a basic effort to clean up a large puddle of beer was left under the table as well as fragments of broken glass. It was only due to efforts but the group that the majority of the glass got cleaned away. Once again we had to seek assistance from one of the wait staff to get the puddle under the table wiped up so we weren't sitting with our feet in it. While I was not looking for compensation it was also disappointing that it was only after the issue was raised by a colleague who was quite put out by the poor response to the situation, that any effort was made to offer compensation which comprised a replacement drink and 50% off my main course. Sitting there in slowly drying, beer soaked clothes for a couple of hours was not pleasant. While the food was reasonable, the disappointing service exacerbated by a wholly inadequate response to the accidental spill made it an unpleasant experience for me and I'd be unlikely to organise another function at Bluetrain.

Mary W.vuosi sitten · 1 arvostelu

Last night we enjoyed a delicious meal at Bluetrain. Our waitress was friendly and helpful. Bluetrain is a very good option for a pre theatre meal in the south bank area.

David M.kaksi vuotta sitten · 1 arvostelu

Good experience overall but to be fussy, here are some comments. Good atmosphere, albeit on average, with noise level, a bit difficult to have conversations. Coffee was acceptable but not memorable. Fish (barramundi) dish was good in terms of presentation but taste wasn't a feature. Kifler potatoes were a touch on the hard side. Food prices are good and reasonable. Regular water re-fills without having to ask are good. Despite this, I still like the restaurant.

janielle p.kolme kuukautta sitten · 1 arvostelu

great lunch deal burgers and drink for 20 dollars. also much higher quality of food and service than other restaurants in the area. a slightly hidden gem above the southbank boardwalk. keep up the good work Bluetrain!

Aislin A.viisi kuukautta sitten · 1 arvostelu

Bluetrain has a great choice of delicious meals, the service was great. Lovely lookout over the Yarra River and the boardwalk. Would highly recommend to family, friends and visitors.