Chinese Restaurants in Geelong

 Enjoy fine food in a fabulous setting in the excellent Chinese restaurants of Geelong

Once a busy industrial centre, Victoria's second largest city is reinventing itself as a popular tourist destination. Curled around Corio Bay, Geelong's Chinese restaurants enjoy fine views and are sometimes housed in the attractive heritage architecture buildings of former wool industry and gold-rush era warehouses. It's a colourful and vibrant city, matching the exciting food to be found on the menus of Geelong's Chinese restaurants. You won't have to wander too far, with some excellent eateries from the waterfront to the city centre and suburbs. Pop in for a light lunch, sumptuous banquet or even an alternative breakfast and you'll find some delicious and exotic dishes to enjoy.

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Golden Dragon Yumcha

Geelong CBD

Bamboo House

Melbourne CBD

I Love Dumplings - Richmond

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David's Hotpot

Melbourne CBD

Hu Tong Peking Duck & Dumplings - Prahran


Ants Bistro

Melbourne CBD

Tao Dumplings - South Yarra

South Yarra

Silky Apple


Man Tong Kitchen

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    Try Geelong's Chinese restaurants for a new breakfast sensation

    If you're tired of the same old fry up, boiled eggs, toast or cereal, look out for Chinese restaurants in Geelong serving dim sum for breakfast. This traditional breakfast, also known as yum cha, features delicious little dumplings or steamed buns, often savoury and sometimes sweet. Typical dim sum found on the menus of Chinese restaurants in Geelong include cha siu bao and lots of variations with beef, pork, chicken, prawns and vegetables. Some favourites include teochew dumplings with peanuts, garlic and mushrooms; xiao long bao with meat or seafood and broth; and guotie filled with cabbage and pork. Sweet dim sum include egg tart, tofu pudding and sesame balls. This all gets washed down with pots of tea and makes for an ideal long and lazy weekend brunch to enjoy with friends.
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    Feast with friends in the buzzy Chinese restaurants of Geelong

    If you are planning a night out dining with friends, then Geelong's Chinese restaurants should be at the top of your list. Ordering for large groups can be a chore but Chinese restaurants in Geelong usually make it easy by featuring a number of set banquet meals on the menu. Banquets feature a variety of options according to the number of guests in your party. This is a great way to discover new options that you may not have ordered and lets you concentrate on having fun with friends rather than worrying about what to order. Look out for the 'Lazy Susan' spinning table tops that allow you to reach the dish you want from across the table. Having lots of these little dishes can be a great way experience the many different flavours that make up the regional cuisines of China.
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    Find your favourite regional cuisine in Geelong's Chinese restaurants

    The popular dishes found on the menus of many Chinese restaurants in Geelong are actually the product of a number of different regional traditions. Dim sum and other small dishes are typical of Cantonese cooking, while dishes from Sichuan tend to be bold and spicy, often flavoured with Sichuan pepper, chilli, garlic and ginger. Anhui cooking reflects the mountainous nature of the region and makes much use of herbs, vegetables, bamboos and mushrooms. Shandong dishes are often salty, crisp and tender and the region is well known for its broths, soups and seafood. Famous Jiangsu dishes include Jinling salted and dried duck, pork meatballs in crab shell powder and steamed jerky strips. If you're looking for a bit of spice, meanwhile, look out for hot Hunan dishes of smoked meats, stews and pickles. Book a table at one of Geelong's top Chinese restaurants here on Quandoo and discover which region's food is your favourite.