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Enjoy amazing meat and fish at Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast

Grilled meat dishes are a staple of Korean cuisine and at Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast the chefs know exactly how to produce authentic dishes. Paradise Korean on Gold Coast Highway is a prime example of fine Korean meat cooking. If you're a fan of spare ribs, the yangnyum galbi marinated in an authentic sauce is a good choice. The sang galbi (special cut beef ribs) and the bulgogi charcoal (marinated prime rib eye) are also excellent options.

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Paradise Korean BBQ

Paradise Korean BBQ
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    Sample authentic bibimbap at Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast

    Bibimbap (which translates literally to mixed rice) is an iconic dish from Korea served with meat, vegetables and often a fried egg on top too. The chefs at Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast are top practitioners when it comes to making this much loved dish: Paradise Korean just near the Convention and Exhibition Centre is the place to be to try some bibimbap, including the yukhwae (raw beef rice topped with cooked vegetables). Or if you'd like a side serving of soup with your meal, the dolsot bibimbap is also good to try.
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    Try some veggie dishes at Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast

    While perhaps the most well-known aspect of Korea’s culinary culture is sizzling meat on a hot charcoal grill, there are plenty of vegetarian options available too. After all, the hot-pot method of cooking that is popular in Korea lends itself well to crafting meals made with tender vegetables and fragrant spices. The bulgogi jungol hot-pot dish is ideal for those who fancy a meat free meal: made with tofu, glass noodles, mushrooms and other vegetables, this capsicum-infused dish is not only healthy and tasty, but spicy too.
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    Book Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast in advance with Quandoo

    The Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast tend to fill up quite quickly, and that's why it's a good idea to get a table booked in advance. With many eateries proving popular particularly on weekend evenings, booking ensures you won't be disappointed when it comes to finding somewhere to eat. With Quandoo, all you have to do is scroll through our well researched listings of Korean restaurants on the Gold Coast, find one you like then book in a couple of clicks. And with crucial information like opening hours, map locations and diner reviews on there, you'll be fully informed before you make your choice!