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3 Restaurants in Inverness

Sample the quality of these great Inverness restaurants

Inverness is emerging as a wonderful destination for foodies. The capital of the Highlands enjoys an enviable position at the centre of some of the best food production regions in the world and this is reflected in the quality of the ingredients you will find on your plate. Lovers of seafood, for example, are in for a special treat. Fresh fish arrives daily at Peterhead, Scotland's major whitefish port, and can be on your table in a matter of hours. Shellfish from Scotland's beautiful west coast, meanwhile, is also only hours away and is celebrated in Europe's finest restaurants as some of the best in the world. The restaurants of Inverness also enjoy easy access to the Orkney islands in the north, with their renowned crab produce. The local rivers and lochs are also famed for their salmon and trout.

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City Centre

Indian Ocean - Inverness

City Centre
Indian Ocean - Inverness


City Centre
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    Keen carnivores will love steak restaurants in Inverness

    Not a seafood lover? Absolutely no problem. Restaurants in Inverness have access to some of the best meat in the world, right on their doorstep. Aberdeen Angus beef has a fantastic reputation with butchers and chefs for producing excellent steaks and other fine cuts. Scottish lamb is also rightly prized by the best chefs and Ayrshire bacon has long been a favourite. It is no wonder, then, that visitors to steak restaurants in Inverness can look forward to some of the finest meat dishes to be found anywhere. The incredible larder of this fine city doesn't stop there, however. For the more adventurous there are even more treats in store.
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    Game for a culinary adventure in these fine Inverness restaurants?

    One of the great joys of Highland eating is the fine game available in the region. Restaurants in Inverness occupy an enviable position in the centre of some of the best game estates in the world. The choice of game birds is absolutely huge and includes pheasant, grouse, partridge and woodcock. You can also try the fantastic local venison, along with excellent rabbit and hare. The traditional rule of thumb tells us that most game is available when there is an 'R' in the month, but don't worry if you are dining in Inverness's restaurants during the summer months. There is plenty of farmed game available throughout the year.
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    Enjoy the fruits of the land at vegetarian restaurants in Inverness

    Restaurants in Inverness also cater well for vegetarians and vegans. Perthshire has some of the finest farmland in the UK, and the county is especially famous for its soft fruits. The raspberries and strawberries are particularly good. Root veg from the area is also prized for its quality. When you put these fine ingredients together with some truly excellent and innovative chefs in the city, the results are impressive. Now, let's move on to the type of food you'll find at the restaurants in Inverness.
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    Local traditions and international cooking at Inverness restaurants

    There is a host of restaurants around Inverness specialising in great Scottish cooking. Look out for some excellent local haggis, smokey and satisfying Cullen Skink soup and, as discussed above, some simply world-class meat and seafood. You can round off a wonderful meal with some lovely and sweet Scottish tablet or an unctuous cranachan with fresh local raspberries. Enjoying a Scottish malt whisky is the perfect way to relax after dinner or you can try one of the many delicious Scottish beers. Don't worry if your tastes are more international, however. The availability of all that fine local produce has attracted a host of chefs from across the world.
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    International restaurants in Inverness combine fantastic local ingredients with exotic cuisines

    They say that variety is the spice of life and you will certainly be spoiled for choice in the ethnic and international restaurants of Inverness. All of your favourites are here, including some fantastic Indian, Chinese and Thai eateries. The cuisines of Europe are also well represented, with top-quality Italian pizzerias, French bistros and brasseries and some great Spanish tapas bars. The growth of the University of the Highlands and Islands has also brought a welcome influx of younger people into the city and this has resulted in lots of cosy little cafes and great value restaurants in Inverness.
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    Some tips for enjoying restaurants in Inverness

    This is a compact city and many Inverness restaurants occupy traditional buildings with a relatively limited number of tables. It's therefore a good idea to book ahead, especially on Friday and Saturday nights when the city comes out to eat. That is where Quandoo can help, making it quick and easy to book a table at your chosen restaurant. Many restaurants close on Sundays and Monday and some will have limited opening hours between lunch and dinner services. The summer months are the peak season for tourists, which is all the more reason to book with Quandoo to ensure you are not disappointed.