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2 Restaurants in Parkdale, Melbourne

Some of the best Indian restaurants in Melbourne call Parkdale home

Are you looking for great grub in southeast Melbourne? If so, Parkdale's restaurants are the perfect place to start. This relaxed suburb of Victoria's capital is full of enticing options, while nearby areas like Mentone and Beaumaris add even more choices to the mix. Some of the most exciting of all showcase the talents of the neighbourhood's Indian community. Places like Mahan on Como Parade West offer a high-class repertoire of subcontinental nosh, with everything from prawn biryanis to cashew-flavoured chicken mumtaz dishes on the menu.

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Mahan Indian Restaurant

Mahan Indian Restaurant

Montezuma's - Parkdale

Montezuma's - Parkdale
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    Enjoy a world of cuisines at restaurants in Parkdale, Melbourne

    But don't limit yourself to cracking curries. There are plenty of other world cuisine options among the restaurants in Melbourne's Parkdale neighbourhood. For instance, a branch of the popular Mexican chain Montezuma's can also be found on Como Parade. There aren't many better places to devour burritos or beef and cheese-filled tamale pies. At the same time, Beaumaris to the northwest is crammed with Thai, Italian and upscale brasserie options, while great Chinese chow can be had in Mentone as well. Have a look through our restaurant listings because there's plenty to discover with Quandoo.