Indonesian Restaurants in Melbourne

 Indonesian restaurants in Melbourne bring spice and variety to the city's food scene

With a reputation as the gourmet capital of Australia, Melbourne's Indonesian restaurants occupy a city that knows and values its food. One reason for this exciting foodie scene is the cultural diversity in the city. Over the years, a large percentage of people have migrated to the city from nations across the globe, bringing with them their culinary skills and traditions which has created the space for restaurants specialising in a plethora of cuisines to thrive here. As a result, Melbourne's Indonesian restaurants are serving some of the city’s tastiest food for Melburnians and visitors alike to enjoy. This colourful and vibrant cuisine simply bursts with flavour and it's also one of the most diverse cuisines, due to the fact that it originates from a country comprised of more than 5,000 populated islands, each with their own signature local dishes. If variety is the spice of your life, you really should be trying out some of the great Indonesian restaurants in Melbourne.

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Pondok Rempah

Pondok Rempah

Melbourne CBD


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    Sample some delicious dishes in Melbourne's Indonesian restaurants

    Just how good is the food being served in Melbourne's Indonesian restaurants? Why not find out for yourself by trying out some of the most popular Indonesian dishes. Rendang, a spicy meat dish, delivers a delicious kick, while the fried rice dish nasi goreng transforms shallots, garlic, ground shrimp paste, tamarind and chilli into a satisfying treat, and the internationally popular satay (skewers of meat often served with a peanut dipping sauce) is just perfect as a starter. These are just some of the dishes that are behind the growing popularity of Indonesian restaurants across Melbourne. It's a hugely varied cuisine, using meat, seafood, vegetables, rice and noodles, so no matter your taste preferences you're sure to find your perfect dish on the menus of Melbourne's Indonesian restaurants.
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    Explore the regional food of Indonesian restaurants in Melbourne

    One of the most intriguing aspects of the dishes to be found in Melbourne's Indonesian restaurants is the regional variety in the recipes. Dishes from Sumatra, for example, incorporate many influences from India and the Middle East, while Javanese recipes tend to be more local in origin, with a few Chinese characteristics. Food from the eastern part of the country tends to share similarities with Melanesian and Polynesian cuisine. All of these regional variations reflect Indonesia's long history as a trading nation, with merchants arriving in the islands from as far afield as Europe and Africa in order to trade for the famous local spices from the spice islands. These spices, sometimes referred to as bumbu spices, are still used to flavour the food you find today in Melbourne's Indonesian restaurants. These dishes are often hot, spicy or savoury – or a delicious combination of all three!
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    Feast on the delights of favourites from Melbourne's Indonesian restaurants

    The cuisine of Indonesia runs from the simplest street food to the most sumptuous banquets. Snacks include kue, which is a dish consisting of both sweet and savoury pastries made from rice flour and coconut milk. Some of the more celebrated dishes, often eaten on feast days and at parties, include tumpeng, a huge cone of rice surrounded by an assortment of dishes. Another is Nasi Padang, where a variety of small Padang dishes are served to share tapas-style. Meanwhile, Prasmanan is a buffet-style selection of dishes showcasing a whole range of food from Indonesia. This is great cuisine to share with company, so book a table in one of Melbourne's top Indonesian restaurants with Quandoo and treat your family and friends to a meal they’re unlikely to forget.