4 Restaurants in Melbourne: Izakaya

Izakayas in Melbourne: discover Japanese tapas

Multicultural Melbourne is renowned for its Asian eateries and its izakayas are huge draws for fun-loving locals and Japanese expats. These friendly and laid-back taverns are ideal places to unwind and enjoy a glass or two, accompanied by some tasty Japanese-style tapas. Perennial small plate favourites range from crabmeat croquettes and soy-marinated squid, to grilled meat skewers such as those done in the yakitori style. Melbourne’s izakayas fill up fast so don’t spoil your evening by queuing. All you need is a few taps on the Quandoo app and you can confidently show up and have a table waiting for you.

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Isshin Izakaya

Port Melbourne
Isshin Izakaya

Izakaya Hachibeh

Melbourne CBD
Izakaya Hachibeh

Gyoza Gyoza - Emporium

Melbourne CBD
Gyoza Gyoza - Emporium
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Shinwa Izakaya

Shinwa Izakaya
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    Melbourne’s many izakaya choices

    Though traditionally no-frills joints where men congregated for a drink after work, modern izakayas in Melbourne are often stylish establishments that welcome everyone. They're popular with female office workers, students, and families – basically, anyone seeking fine grub in a relaxed atmosphere. As a result, their drinks lists are diverse, offering everything from Aussie stubbies, wines and cocktails, to traditional sake, shochu and Japanese beers. If you like dining with an authentic Japanese vibe, head to Shinwa Izakaya in the trendy Brunswick area for some authentic low table dining,
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    Enjoy izakayas in the Melbourne CBD

    Melbourne’s thriving CBD is certainly not lacking in dining choices, so why not try one of its izakayas? Known for its selection of tasty dishes and beverages in a convivial atmosphere, they’re just what busy executives in the area crave after a hard day at the office. One of the best of the bunch, Izakaya Hachibeh on Bourke Street, has been wowing diners with its skewers, sushi and sake lineup for many a year. Its reputation keeps packing them in, so join savvy Melburnians in reaping the benefits of using Quandoo to book their tables.
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    Izakayas in Melbourne for all occasions

    The great thing about izakayas in Melbourne is in their casual, easy-going atmosphere. Drop in for a drink and snack then move on to somewhere else, or linger for the rest of the evening if the mood tempts you to. Many of Melbourne’s izakayas also function as full blown Japanese restaurants, so you can enjoy some snacks with an aperitif before tucking into a grand dinner. They’re great places to recharge after a long day or simply to wind down a night on the tiles with a cup of sake and a handful of small bites. While your time away at Melbourne’s izakayas however you prefer; the choice is all yours.