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Restaurants in New South Wales could claim to offer the most diverse cuisine in Australia. The metropolis of Sydney is the focus, one of the world's great cities for dining out, with a culinary range that stretches from high-end fine dining establishments to funky street food cafes. Contemporary Asian restaurants are an obvious growth area, with Australians embracing Korean, Vietnamese, and Thai menus, but there is also a strong following for talented chefs creating their own Australian and Pacific Rim cuisine.

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    Enjoying the superb local produce of New South Wales

    The ethnic mix of New South Wales ensures that the restaurant scene is a global melting pot. In Sydney, this finds Spanish tapas places alongside South African cafes, Indian curry restaurants opposite sushi bars. It helps that Australia has a wealth of high-quality seafood, meat, and farm produce to hand, allowing creative chefs to use the finest, freshest ingredients. You can usually find a decent Aussie, Italian or Asian restaurant in even the smallest town. Quandoo allows you to secure a table at your choice of New South Wales restaurants, with just a couple of clicks.