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The Very Best Cafes in Melbourne

Coffee, culture – Melbourne cafes

Coffee is a way of life in Australia’s cultural capital (sorry Sydney – but you've got plenty going for you anyway!), so the stakes are high in the search for the best cafes in Melbourne. But we’ve done the legwork, stopping at the best coffee spots across the city, and now we’re pleased – and a little bit twitchy – to present a Quandoo Collection for Melbourne that draws together places where the art of the barista is in full effect. Many of these Melbourne cafes scour the world for the best beans, some roast their own or outsource to the thriving Melbourne coffee roastery industry – but all know how to create the perfect crema, lace the creamiest latte art, and serve your cuppa with a smile.
  • Bluetrain

    4.9 /6 Uitstekend 110 Beoordelingen
  • Bom Gosto

    5.4 /6 Uitstekend 54 Beoordelingen
  • Little Billy

    Melbourne CBD
    4.8 /6 Uitstekend 33 Beoordelingen
  • Miss Marmalade

    5.1 /6 Uitstekend 40 Beoordelingen
  • House of Lulu White

    South Yarra
    5.4 /6 Uitstekend 27 Beoordelingen
  • Cafe Oggi

    Burwood East
    5.1 /6 Uitstekend 33 Beoordelingen
  • Two Birds One Stone

    South Yarra
    5.5 /6 Geweldig 15 Beoordelingen
  • Cafe Republic

    South Yarra
    4.8 /6 Uitstekend 13 Beoordelingen
  • Larsen and Co

    5.5 /6 Geweldig 11 Beoordelingen
  • Rhapsody's Cafe

    5.5 /6 Geweldig 2 Beoordelingen
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