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Kim Restaurant
7/24-30 Springfield Ave, Potts Point
Sydney 2011

Menu highlights



Housemade Pickles

5 mixed pickles
AU$ 9,00

Kojengi Kimchi

3 white boy made seasonal Kimchis
AU$ 9,00

Housemade Namool

3 Korean style vegetables
AU$ 9,00


Tangpyoung Chae

Beef skirt,mung bean jelly,minari,garlic chives
AU$ 12,00

Prawn jang

Soy fermented prawns,yolk,rice
AU$ 18,00

Bul Kalbi

Pork ribs,ssamjang,fried chili
AU$ 28,00

Vegetarische gerechten


Tofu, bean sprouts, garlic chives and shallot
AU$ 3,50

Housemade Pickles

Seasonal pickled vegtables
AU$ 9,00

Bibim Bap

9 grain rice, seasonal namool, egg and chojang
AU$ 15,00


Brangayne Pinot Grigio/ 2013 Orange

AU$ 33,00

Brangayne Sauvignon Blanc/ 2013 Orange

AU$ 39,00

Even Keel Riesling 2013/ Canberra

AU$ 47,00
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29 Kim Restaurant Reviews

29 Reviews
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Alex W.één jaar geleden · 1 review

Tasty food, great re interpretation of traditional korean flavours and textures. Sad that they closed. Hope to see whats in store for their next journey.

Dianne C.één jaar geleden · 1 review

Delicious food. We went just before they closed so we wouldn't missed out. Definitelu going to be looking forward to a re-opening (hopefully!) or their next venture.

Fifi L.2 jaar geleden · 1 review

Another amazing meal at my favourite Korean restaurant. The crab jang is mind blowing. Seafood pancake is unbeatable. TKFC is best Korean chicken in town. So sad the last service is 30/7/2016.

Mei G.2 jaar geleden · 1 review

Amazing food, great and prompt service! Highlight was for us was the tang tang yeokhwe and the kimchi fried rice! Very sad to hear that they will be closing :(

"Heel goed"5/6
Sylvia J.2 jaar geleden · 1 review

Don't change anything Kim, except some of the seating! Food was fantastic, service was great (not sure about value - I didn't pay) but some of the seating is super uncomfortable, in particular a table with stools where there's not enough room to fit your (my) legs under the table, so I spent the entire night sitting sideways. May be just a small thing, but small things are easy to get right ! For everything else, thanks heaps.

"Heel goed"5/6
Janet C.2 jaar geleden · 1 review

We ordered the hodoo gwaja dessert and asked for candles. Wait staff were very friendly and kindly obliged! However it was such a shame because the candles were put into the hot pastries and the wax melted inside the pastries. They were inedible. Suggestion for next time, put the candles in the cold parts of the dish.

nayoon p.2 jaar geleden · 1 review

Basically it's Korean restaurant but its re created modern style and mix up with traditional things . However the flavor is basic on Korea foods. I love all kind of foods and enjoy. I recommend!!

"Heel goed"5/6
Cynthia S.2 jaar geleden · 1 review

Food was really delicious - too bad that me and my guest were complete pigs and couldn't stop ordering! Pity to hear that this place is closing - would've definitely become one of my favourite local gems :(

Leigh P.2 jaar geleden · 1 review

This is a hidden gem. The food is outstanding and the price is ridiculously good for the quality they produce. We have already planned our next visit there in 2 months.

"Heel goed"5/6
Vini J.2 jaar geleden · 2 reviews

It was a nice experience, the food came quick and tasted awesome. The waitress was nice, always looking after us. She just mistaken the tab water with still water, so we have to pay $8 extra.

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