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Kim Restaurant


  • Maandag 17:00 - 22:00
  • Dinsdag 19:00 - 22:00
  • Woensdag 17:00 - 22:00
  • Donderdag 17:00 - 22:00
  • Vrijdag 17:00 - 22:00
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Kim Restaurant, Springfield Ave 7/24-30, 2011 Potts Point

29 Beoordelingen

5.1 /6 Uitstekend 29 Beoordelingen
Atmosfeer: Zeer aangenaam
Service: Vriendelijk
Prijs-Kwaliteitverhouding: Gunstig
Wachttijd: Geen wachttijd
Geluidniveau: Rustig
Eten: Heerlijk
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Alex W.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
15.10.2016 15:27

Tasty food, great re interpretation of traditional korean flavours and textures. Sad that they closed. Hope to see whats in store for their next journey.

Dianne C.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
13.10.2016 09:01

Delicious food. We went just before they closed so we wouldn't missed out. Definitelu going to be looking forward to a re-opening (hopefully!) or their next venture.

Fifi L.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
28.07.2016 07:30

Another amazing meal at my favourite Korean restaurant. The crab jang is mind blowing. Seafood pancake is unbeatable. TKFC is best Korean chicken in town. So sad the last service is 30/7/2016.

Mei G.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
25.07.2016 08:41

Amazing food, great and prompt service! Highlight was for us was the tang tang yeokhwe and the kimchi fried rice! Very sad to hear that they will be closing :(

Sylvia J.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
12.06.2016 10:00

Don't change anything Kim, except some of the seating! Food was fantastic, service was great (not sure about value - I didn't pay) but some of the seating is super uncomfortable, in particular a table with stools where there's not enough room to fit your (my) legs under the table, so I spent the entire night sitting sideways. May be just a small thing, but small things are easy to get right ! For everything else, thanks heaps.

Janet C.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
20.06.2016 10:11

We ordered the hodoo gwaja dessert and asked for candles. Wait staff were very friendly and kindly obliged! However it was such a shame because the candles were put into the hot pastries and the wax melted inside the pastries. They were inedible. Suggestion for next time, put the candles in the cold parts of the dish.

nayoon p.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
26.02.2016 23:25

Basically it's Korean restaurant but its re created modern style and mix up with traditional things . However the flavor is basic on Korea foods. I love all kind of foods and enjoy. I recommend!!

Cynthia S.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
03.08.2016 09:13

Food was really delicious - too bad that me and my guest were complete pigs and couldn't stop ordering! Pity to hear that this place is closing - would've definitely become one of my favourite local gems :(

Leigh P.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
06.07.2016 20:28

This is a hidden gem. The food is outstanding and the price is ridiculously good for the quality they produce. We have already planned our next visit there in 2 months.

Vini J.
2 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
29.05.2016 09:38

It was a nice experience, the food came quick and tasted awesome. The waitress was nice, always looking after us. She just mistaken the tab water with still water, so we have to pay $8 extra.

Rhonda L.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
08.06.2016 19:28

Fun dinner with friends, interesting selection of dishes that go beyond the usual items. Try the fresh rice beer! The presentation is not traditional, but quite fun. Service was attentive.

Andrew H.
2 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
08.05.2016 11:48

Great service and atmosphere, and the food is awesome - some traditional Korean favourites, and some more unusual but equally tasty dishes; the seafood pancake is crispy and delicious. Definitely a must-try for Korean fans!

Timothy L.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
03.02.2016 20:54

Really great food. Staff were very helpful in ordering and food was extremely prompt. I would highly recommend this restaurant to friends and others visiting he area.

James L.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 6
21.07.2016 10:18

Most hospitable team with a delectable menu. A hidden hub that all friends can come and enjoy! No doubt, the best Korean fusion in Sydney

Brian K.
2 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
29.07.2016 08:40

Food was sensation and the service was really good. The restaurant layout was quite cute as well. A bit pricey for the amount of food you get but tastes amazing

Charlton S.
2 beoordelingen tot nu toe 6
09.04.2016 22:47

The food is great, it's not the usual and typical Korean food you get at other restaurants. I would definitely recommend it to my friends.

Pamela T.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
22.07.2016 10:39

Great innovative food. It will be sad to see this restaurant close down. The servers were a bit too keen to clear dishes that we were still devouring.

Diana B.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
15.10.2016 10:59

Delicious food, fantastic service & best seafood pancake! We ordered almost everything on the menu & it was so good! Highly recommend and definitely a must try!

Alison T.
4 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
31.07.2016 15:21

Service was good. Food was outstanding. Would love to return again. Favorite dishes were the duck and pork bussam and the slow cooked beef short ribs.

Pat S.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 5
30.03.2016 10:01

Staff are very friendly and attentive while the food items are fresh and delicious. Will come back again for sure. Recommend for a quick feed.

Mouy Hok T.
6 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
20.05.2016 09:36

Nice little joint. Servings are on the smaller side so expect to order more than usual to get your fill. Enjoyable atmosphere with attentive staff.

Alison T.
4 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
13.10.2016 06:59

Exceptional. In fact so good that I returned again the next week. I miss this place already. Drinks was good too. Service was was excellent.

Amanda E.
2 beoordelingen tot nu toe 5
05.03.2016 05:59

Excellent good quality food, attentive staff and vibrant people watching location. Very good. We will definitely be back to this neighbourhood gem. Worth the visit

2 beoordelingen tot nu toe 6
27.06.2016 13:25

It's not very traditional Korean cuisine and he raw beef and lamb neck is surprising. The waitress is nice. Recommend.

Amy P.
3 beoordelingen tot nu toe 4
07.05.2016 13:00

The only real criticism I have is that they are very speedy about taking away every dish, sometimes before we've even finished. Otherwise the food was fine.

Wendy T.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 2
22.03.2016 17:26

We came to Kim expecting to try the menu that they had displayed on their website, instead we were informed that the usual chef was not in. Dishes were very mediocre. Service was good. We found hair in our drink and they dealt with it very nicely.

Clara C.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 4
30.07.2016 07:24

Food was good, although pricey and nothing very special, and service was slow and a bit lacklustre :(

David P.
1 beoordeling tot nu toe 1
07.02.2016 08:52

Not Korean, food was terrible . Whoever has opened this business as Korean has misrepresented the cuisine . Staff were helpful but not that knowledgeable