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3 Restaurants in Highgate, Perth

See a different side of Perth at restaurants in Highgate

Perth is a city that has never been short on space to grow and, as a result, most of its suburbs are spread out over vast swathes of land. Highgate, by contrast, has a bit of a cosier vibe. Narrow, walkable streets and an abundance of independently-owned shops, cafes and restaurants here give Perth Highgate a strong sense of closely-connected community. The area’s main artery, Beaufort Street, is crowded with storefronts you’ll want to drop into, including some of Perth Highgate’s best restaurants while side streets host plenty of quieter cafes and eateries.

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Must Wine Bar

Must Wine Bar



Annapurna Nepalese Kitchen

Annapurna Nepalese Kitchen
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    Taste the finest of multicultural Perth at restaurants in Highgate

    Highgate is a suburb with a long history of welcoming newcomers to Perth, so it’s no surprise that the area has a diverse, international population. Restaurants in Perth Highgate offer global cuisines such as East and South Asian, European or Latin American. Enjoy Japanese ramen or Vietnamese pho, curries from Pakistan or Laos, Spanish small plates or Swedish smorgasbord at eateries across Highgate. When you’re done with dinner, a cocktail or craft beer at one of Beaufort Street’s bars is the perfect place to cap off your night.