3 Spanish Restaurants in Perth

Try the best Spanish restaurants in Perth

Western Australia's capital is a bustling centre for cosmopolitan culture and dining options, and many cuisines from around the world can be found on its streets. The city might be over 14,000 kilometres away from Spain on the other side of the world, but Perth's Spanish restaurants are top quality and serve up everything from tapas to share with friends to substantial meat and fish dishes for one. And with Quandoo, you can find and book Spanish restaurants in Perth in seconds by looking through our listings and choosing the one you want.

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Hermosa Cantina

Hermosa Cantina

Toledo Lounge

Victoria Park
Toledo Lounge

Rustico Tapas Bar

City Centre
Rustico Tapas Bar
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    Share the fare on offer at Perth's Spanish restaurants

    Tapas are believed to have first surfaced in Spain as early as the 13th century, and they are still popular in the country and all over the globe to this day. It's one of Spain's finest culinary exports, and makes for an ideal shareable meal when out with friends at Perth's Spanish restaurants. Toledo Lounge on Albany Highway is noted for its tapas, with popular dishes including meat selections like Serrano and Iberico ham or duck and pork terrine. There's plenty for vegetarians to try too, including seasonal vegetables with almonds and dukkah (a dry and spicy North African dip) and creamed mushrooms served with house bread.
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    Enjoy top seafood at Perth's Spanish restaurants

    Spain is a large country with thousands of kilometres of coastline, so it's no surprise that plenty of seafood has made its way into the cuisine. And with Perth close on the shores of the Swan River and the Indian Ocean, there are lots of locally sourced ingredients used in the seafood delights of Perth's Spanish restaurants. The fish dishes on offer at Toledo Lounge are second to none, including the calamari with smoked eggplant served in a honey, chilli and coriander glaze or the pan fried scallops wrapped in prosciutto ham.
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    Enjoy dessert and drinks at Perth's Spanish restaurants

    For those who enjoy sweet treats after their meals, you're in luck at Perth's Spanish restaurants. Popular desserts on the menus here include churros, a traditional Iberian dessert made with fried, sugary choux pastry served with a chocolate sauce as well as tarta de queso, a traditional cheesecake popular in Cantabria. If you fancy something sweet but stronger, a jug of sangria for the table is definitely a good choice – made with wine, citrus fruits, sugar and more, this iconic Spanish drink is readily available at Perth's Spanish restaurants.