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Siena's of Leederville

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  • Poniedziałek 11:30 - 15:00, 17:00 - 22:00
  • Wtorek 11:30 - 15:00, 17:00 - 22:00
  • Środa 11:30 - 15:00, 17:00 - 22:00
  • Czwartek 11:30 - 15:00, 17:00 - 22:00
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  • Sobota 11:30 - 22:00
  • Niedziela 11:30 - 22:00
Siena's of Leederville, Oxford Street 115, 6007 Perth

Recenzje 288

5.1 /6 Bardzo dobra Recenzje 288
Atmosfera: Bardzo dobra
Głośność: W porządku
Obsługa: Przyjazna
Jedzenie: Bardzo dobre
Jakość/ Cena: Tania
Czas Oczekiwania: W ogóle nie trzeba czekać
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Melanie D.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
17.10.2017 13:09

My daughters regularly use this restaurant. My husband and I hadn't been before but will definitely be returning. The food was lovely, prices very reasonable and staff lovely!

Stephen Z.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
15.10.2017 15:11

Friendly staff, fast service and very busy! We have been coming to Siena’s Leederville for years and we have never been disappointed!! Will definitely be coming back.

Eric S.
Liczba recenzji 4 6
11.10.2017 13:27

Sienna's of Leederville has to be one of the most popular restaurants in Perth. Our meal was wonderful as usual. Their spaghetti marinara and cannelloni is always tasty and quick to come out. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though it's so busy, we still received good and fast service.

Murray B.
Liczba recenzji 2 6
11.10.2017 10:26

Great service and nice food in a family friendly atmosphere.

Sebastian S.
Liczba recenzji 1 4
31.12.2016 15:39

Myself, my wife and three of our children went to Siena's for lunch. There is a very good range of Italian dishes at fairly reasonable prices and so quite spoilt for choice. Two of our children had the decently priced kids' meals and our third had a Hawaiian pizza - the only complaint to be had there was that the portion of spag bol wasn't large enough. Before our mains we had calamari which was very tasty. After that, my wife had eggplant parmigiana and I had the linguini firenze. The eggplant parmi was delicious and filling but the firenze was a bit disappointing in that it was far too buttery (and I like rich food but even for me it was too rich). The menu said a 'creamy pesto sauce' but I mostly tasted butter - the presence of basil was very mild (but maybe that had something to do with the region of Italy my pesto sauce came from). However, the prawns and scallops were cooked to perfection as was the linguini. The desserts and coffees ordered for afterwards went down very well as we soaked up the family atmosphere. We would go back again as our experience was generally good and there's lots to choose from on the menu. I only hope next time that our meals arrive more or less at the same time. Two of our kids had finished their meals by the time mine and my wife's arrived!

Shane O.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
24.09.2017 10:00

Going out with our 4 year old used to be a less than relaxing experience, as he got bored of hanging out with adults and wanted to go walkabout during the meal. Seina's has a large playroom that was constantly filled with kids, so while waiting for our food, he was off jumping around with other kids. The service was great, with plenty of waitstaff to hand and everyone anxious to please. As we are vegan, this can sometimes cause an issue with finding something suitable, but no problem here with quickly homing in on, to be honest, way more food than we needed - the portions were generous and we ended up stuffed and groaning. Basic fare but very tasty. Good work by Siena's for a pleasant night out. Glad we went early as the queue was out the door when we left at 7pm

Jake D.
Liczba recenzji 1 4
18.05.2017 18:04

Outstanding food and drinks for an affordable Wednesday night special. The atmosphere is nice although my guest and I were seated in a shadowy corner. In terms of service, the food was speedily delivered however the front of house greeting is terrible (the man looks unhappy and never smiled once when we entered and when we paid despite it being a full restaurant). Furthermore, most good restaurants provide water and pepper without having to be asked. Siena's could improve on this aspect of its service. I would definitely go back for the food on a Wednesday but would warn my guests that the service is uneven. They clear your plates so fast you get the sense they want you to leave so that more people can spend money.

Justin B.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
04.05.2017 00:57

Siena's is neat and friendly. You've got to book ahead on Tuesdays because it gets busy. We had a decent sized table for two in the back section which has good lighting. I had gnocchi - I couldn't resist; I love it - with lots of mushrooms and walnuts. No! I couldn't finish it. Drinks and meals arrive in no time at all. It's like they cared that I was hungry. All of the staff seemed happy to be working there. Nice place.

Lonnie N.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
21.08.2017 15:35

Great food, great atmosphere and great service!! No real delay waiting for food. Staff was very friendly. It was a Thursday night but the restaurant was half full at 6pm. It was nearly full by the time 7 o'clock came. It goes to show how popular this restaurant is. Parking at the back is very easy, with 1st hour still free. Highly recommended. Been there often and the gentleman at the till recognised me. :)

Jenny B.
Liczba recenzji 1 3
15.06.2017 02:00

3 of us were celebrating my friend's 70th birthday. Her pizza arrived very early. Our courses ( for 2 others) did not arrive for at least 30 minutes. When our mains arrived, her pizza was cold....very disappointing! We had asked twice about our meals whilst others came and left (the restaurant was full when we arrived, almost empty by the time we finally ate). The food was good, but the point was eating together. We were offered a fresh pizza but my friend whose 70th it was, declined. The staff were pleasant but not attentive enough to 3 women. We were not charged for coffees. What a pity it was our first visit. There probably won't be a second.

Annette O.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
16.07.2017 15:48

We have been going to Sienas of Leederville for about 10 years now and every time we enjoy ourselves. The food is always of a good standard and the staff are lovely and very helpful. The location is perfect for us as well and for all our friends. Hence we will continue to patronize Sienas of Leedervilee.

Michael W.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
10.04.2017 10:59

My wife and I used to live in Perth and were back visiting friends. All four of us had the scallopine marsala and it was delicious. It was a Tuesday night and the place was packed, with people without a booking queueing at the door, which says something about the restaurant. 10/10. Michael Way Hobart.

Vicki O.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
01.03.2017 16:54

These guys have been at it for years. Fantastic Italian food, family-friendly, heaps of choices, for a great price. Super-fast service on the night of the Adele concert at Subiaco's Domain Stadium. Place was packed with fellow-concert goers but service was still excellent, food fabulous, as usual. Love this Leederville institution. We'll be back! Again!

Teresa S.
Liczba recenzji 1 5
27.09.2017 11:51

Our party of four used a Groupon voucher for lunch which we found to be very good value for money. Food was excellent and service was very good, all of which we expected having been to Siena's on a few occasions previously. I would recommend the penne polo which was very tasty as was the calzone vegetariana. We all said we will revisit again soon.

Chrissy T.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
25.04.2017 11:06

Great place for a meal with children prompt service smiling and helpful staff and very happy atmosphere. we booked late as we were going on to the Burswood theatre and were surprised to find it only took us 20mins to get there from Leederville. so can recommend for pre show meal to anyone interested

Madeline C.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
06.07.2017 09:10

I had a really great time, the food was excellent and very reasonably priced. There are quite large portion sizes but if you ask, they let you take it away. It gets quite busy so it's best if you book a table for that night. Thank you for such a great night :)

Dorothy R.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
13.07.2017 09:36

The service was good and prompt. The food was served in an appropriate amount of time. Staff very pleasant and the food was tasty, a little salty for my taste so I need to drink more than 1 glass of water. I had to ask for a second glass. I will definitely return.

Aron U.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
16.04.2017 11:35

Sienas has had beautiful food right from the first time I went there. They have great prices large servings as I have take half of my meal home every time. Even when it's a busy night the service is quick but the food is not rushed it's always 100% top quality

Angie L.
Liczba recenzji 1 3
04.09.2017 10:52

Really great food. Would come back for the food. The restaurant is really bustling and was busy. The staff also certainly let you know that as well and we did feel a little rushed by the wait staff. It was difficult to get service as they were very busy and focused on their own tasks. I asked if it was possible for our water to be topped up and got a very unpleasant reaction from one of the staff who was delivering our pasta who seemed very unhappy to be asked a question.

Tiffany D.
Liczba recenzji 1 6
13.02.2017 13:03

The service was brilliant , the meal was exceptional as always a fantastic place to go . Our online booking didn't seemed to be found on their records but they did place us in which was fine, so the online booking may need to be refined.