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Au Petit Salut

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About Au Petit Salut

Dear diners, for last minute reservations, please contact the restaurant directly.

Au Petit Salut is home to some of Singapore’s finest French food. In the beautiful, verdant surrounds of the Botanic Gardens, Au Petit Salut at Dempsey Hill in Tanglin is a smart, sophisticated restaurant for Singapore’s French fanatics. Harding Road is an inauspicious place to keep a fine dining establishment like Au Petit Salut, but diners are flocking there in droves for fine French food, excellent wine and an evening spent is good company.

Take a look at Au Petit Salut’s Sunday brunch menu!

Opening Hours

  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:30 - 22:30
  • Wednesday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:30 - 22:30
  • Thursday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:30 - 22:30
  • Friday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:30 - 22:30
  • Saturday 11:30 - 14:30, 18:30 - 22:30
  • Sunday 10:30 - 15:00
Au Petit Salut, Harding Road 40C, 249548 Singapore

Further Information

Au Petit Salut’s upmarket stylings are a nod to the restaurant’s chic, modern attitude. Set in the beautiful gardens of Au Petit Salut’s landscaped surrounds at Dempsey Hill, diners can choose to sit outside with their meal in the summer and take in the sights and sounds of the garden’s relaxed ambience. Whether you opt to sit on the terrace or in the main dining room, guests are treated to culinary delights regardless. Opt to visit for lunch and take the set menu and choose from delectable delights like salmon trout tartare, oven baked red snapper and a pear tarte tatin, rounded off with tea or coffee.

If instead you opt to dine at Au Petit Salut in the evening, we recommend taking the tasting menu to sample the best of the kitchen’s considerable talent. This five course extravaganza of French cuisine at Dempsey Hill is a wonderful contrast to Tanglin’s busy streets. Au Petit Salut is a formal restaurant, so diners are encouraged to reserve a table before arriving at the restaurant, and the restaurant enforces a dress code prohibiting shorts and flip-flips at all times. Family should also note that prams are not permitted in the Au Petit Salut indoor dining room.

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571 Reviews

5.1 /6 Excellent 571 Reviews
Service: friendly
Atmosphere: entertaining
Quality/Price: cheap
Noise: quiet
Waiting Time: short
Food: delicious
228 6
241 5
74 4
13 3
10 2
5 1
Joel L.
5 reviews so far 6
16.09.2017 19:04

Great food and attentive service by the staff. I have been there many times over the years and it never fail to impress. Price is reasonable considering the quality of food and service.

24 reviews so far 6
14.09.2017 16:07

enjoyed the set lunch very much. the selection is just great and the portions are just nice for a healthy lunch. definitely quality over quantity. fantastic service staff. thank you very much !

Janice L.
1 review so far 6
12.09.2017 23:34

Excellent ambience, service and food quality and presentation! overall a good experience :) pricing wise, maybe a bit expensive but worth it! boyfriend had a good birthday thanks to the staffs there! :)

Abel C.
2 reviews so far 6
11.09.2017 15:53

Service and Food was great. Attention to detail, celebrated my birthday and they were very professional and flexible, when my gf asked if she could surprise, they immediately cooperated :)

Mellissa T.
3 reviews so far 4
31.03.2016 13:44

I am a regular patron of this restaurant and have always enjoyed their superb and authentic French fare. It is always a delight spending time with friends and loved ones here, with the excellent food and charming ambience. This particular visit with a friend from Canada, however, did not turn out as fabulous. She ordered the oven-baked snapper for her mains and the fish and vegetables turned out a tad salty. She highlighted this to the Manager (Filipino staff with no name tag) and he brought it back to the kitchen to ascertain that the feedback was genuine. As with most food, it will take more than a mouthful to verify the quality of the food fully. In this case, you must eat more of it to ascertain whether it was indeed salty. He came back to say that the kitchen staff did not find it salty and politely and slightly condescendingly, told my friend off by saying that there was nothing wrong with the food and that it was her palette that was “different.” In other words, she was at fault. With that, he promptly walked off without an apology or provided any recourse. Our reaction must have registered disbelief and shock, when after about 20 minutes, he came back with two Shirley Temples and offered it to us, again without any apology and in his condescending manner, said that it was to make up for the main course that my friend did not finish. With that, he walked away. I guess Au Petit Salut needs to look into retraining their managers and staff on service quality and standard, especially service recovery skills.

John L.
1 review so far 4
23.09.2016 01:07

We ate dinner here, after having made a booking for a table via their web site in the late morning. The booking process was a breeze, and confirmation was received by email quite soon after. Au Petite Salute has been around since 1998. The cuisine is French, and the restaurant has many followers. Very popular at lunch time as many, including myself, have been there to eat their 3 course set lunch which is good value for the buck. But tonight it was for a special dinner. The service was attentive, polite and cordial. When my wife mentioned feeling a strong draft, the waiter immediately adjusted the blower of the air conditioner to lower the this. The ambiance is plain, with floor to ceiling glass panels on both sides of the dining room, and the room ends decorated with red brick tiles. Warm lighting made the place very cosy and comfortable. A well stock bar occupies one end of the room. There was piped jazz music, not my favorite. I thought the atmosphere could be more romantic with a better selection of music. The single white tulip flower on each vase on every table looked pathetic! We had the 3 course set dinner menu instead of the 4 course as we both cannot eat much, ordering, for our starters, the Smoked salmon, with fresh vegetables, sour cream & dill, capers, micro herbs, with balsamic reduction; the Lobster Bisque with lobster ravioli, and fresh tarragon. The main course was a Crispy French duck leg confit, with roasted potato, caramelized onions, orange & Piment d’Espelette, and brown jus. My wife had the Red wine braised beef cheeks, with carrots, button mushroom, and Pommes Mousseline. For deserts, I had the Choux buns and vanilla ice cream, with warm chocolate sauce and sliced almonds; and my wife had the Creme Brulee with fresh Madagascar vanilla beans and chocolate pearls. This was finished with a coffee and a tea. The duck was pretty delicious and well seasoned. The skin was crispy, and the flesh tender enough to fall off the bone. I like the orange flavor, but found the Brussel sprouts a little undercooked. The Beef cheeks were tender, but I found the smell of beef a little too overpowering for my liking and would have struggled to eat this dish. My wife however, didn’t think this was so, but then she has problems with smelling due to medication affecting her smell senses. The deserts were very good. I enjoyed the crunchy almond bits and the vanilla ice cream with the chocolate sauce. My glass of red wine was obviously poured from the last drops of the bottle. There was so much residue that it was unpleasant to drink the bottom third of the glass, but at $18/- a glass, one tries not to waste too much! In all a pleasant evening which could have been better. A place which I would return for special occasions, and hopefully, find fewer negative points than tonight. Four stars for the moment.

Alexander M.
1 review so far 6
03.03.2017 21:38

Excellent food and service, would recommend Au Petit Salut for a lunch or dinner. We (a couple) were seated alone when a bunch of people arrived, sat next to us and began a lively conversation - the Maître D', unprompted, asked if we would like to move to a more quiet part of the restaurant, which we thought was a very nice gesture. Food was very nicely presented, of fresh ingredients and delicious. The premises has just been refurbished and has a lovely feel - greenery all around, a section which was previously open has been glazed and air-conditioned - very comfortable.

Angelia J.
1 review so far 5
19.01.2016 13:32

Well hidden gem in Dempsey hill! classic stand alone French restaurant with amazing food to boast. This place has its own parking area that leads to a grand entrance to the restaurant. The dinner selection was interesting with several authentic French delights such as French onion soup ( highly recommended), duck confit & quail with foie gras. We had the French onion soup, lobster bisque with lobster ravioli, seafood platter & saddle of lamb with ratatouille. The onion soup was flavorful with lots of melted cheese, caramelized onions & croutons injected into the dish. The lobster bisque was equally flavorful and the ravioli was prepared al dente. Would be better if the ravioli was stuffed with more lobster meat. The seafood platter delighted us with their presentation; cod on squid ink couscous, grilled prawn with lobster emulsion & pan seared scallop. Fresh tasting seafood which would have tasted better if it was served when hot. The saddle of lamb was cooked to perfection; medium rare. Meat was tender and seasoned well. Ratatouille was stuffed in piquillo peppers and was delicious! We picked a bottle of Argentinian Malbec 2012 and it was A perfect accompliment to our dinner. We ended our dinner with a palette cleansing lychee & berry sorbet with fresh fruit. Downsides to this restaurant: there wasn't much enthusiasm when guests enter the restaurant. This was rather disappointing. No recommendation for wines to pair with food.

Kevin L.
1 review so far 6
11.01.2016 11:25

It is priced for a top quality food and experience. There's a choice for indoors or outdoors and the latter is quite nice even though there is no air conditioning. Au Petit Salut serves traditional french, with french ingredients. Even the butter they serve for your bread is not from the local grocers. I have never received bad service, food was served in a comfortable pace. Seasonal delicacies are also available, we had, untop of our set, oysters from bretagne. I've always been there for special occasions, and will definately go back.

Arthur v.
4 reviews so far 6
15.02.2017 14:12

I've had the pleasure of dinning at Au Petit Salut over the past few years on a number of occasions. Unfortunately, not as often as I would like. T he food and service is very good and done in a lovely setting. On our visit yesterday evening, I went to enjoy their Valentine's Menu, and while they were very busy, the pacing of the meal was at a good pace and not rushed. The food was, as always, well prepared and so nicely presented. We had a lovely evening.

Xuefang L.
3 reviews so far 6
14.11.2015 17:44

I brought my girlfriend to Au Petit Salut for her 21st birthday and we enjoyed the great food and lovely ambience. Highlights were the seafood vol-au-vent or puff pantry that was chocked full with prawns, scallops and squid in cream sauce; crispy duck confit and pumpkin puree which was heavenly; seared black codfish in lemon butter sauce - the codfish was really fresh; and lastly chocolate and salted caramel tart which was rich in flavour. The pineapple mojitos were surprisingly refreshing too!

Vineeta M.
1 review so far 4
01.07.2016 02:48

We used to go to Au Petit Salut very often, but hadn't been for about a year. We had the lunch set menu. Ordered snails & smoked salmon salad for starters. Snails were good, salmon not so great - nothing really popped on the plate, plus the helping was tiny compared to the snails! Mains we had tenderloin (with a top-up of $15) & pork belly. Both dishes were well cooked, but lacked seasoning & sauces, and the portions were TINY. Dessert was creme brulee (biggest disappointment - tasted eggy & lacked a crunchy crust, the best part of a creme brulee!) & profiteroles (delicious, just the right amount of everything). Overall, lacklustre food & service. Don't think we'll go back.

Bart D.
12 reviews so far 6
24.09.2016 13:56

I have been coming here on and off for the last 12 years, and it is consistently one of the best experiences in Singapore for reasonable money. There is a marvelous airy terrace surrounded by greenery, with the quieting sound of running water and even frogs. The service is always very friendly and professional. But you should really come for the food: consistently excellent classic French dining, with a few outstanding dishes like the French quail filled with mushrooms and foie gras, and with a light truffle sauce. There remains one point for improvement: although they have an excellent wine list by the bottle, the selection by the glass is a bit underwhelming. An investment in a vinomat to keep open bottles of premium wines fresh would definitely make my experience there complete...

Joon-Nie L.
1 review so far 6
27.05.2016 12:23

Warm friendly service. At the end of the lunch service, the staff had to reset the dining room for dinner. Instead of kicking us out as some places do, my friend and I were invited outside to the lounge area to continue our conversation and we were served water without asking and were welcome to stay as long as we liked. Well done Au Petit Salut!

Charmaine L.
1 review so far 6
14.07.2015 13:49

Wonderful dining experiences on Au Petit Salut~We take up their lunch set menu, quite reasonable price. The staff recommend today's special ,beef chick,the meat was so tender. The dessert was nice though. I celebrated my hubby's birthday , so previously i inform the staff to put candle and wordings on the dessert. It turn out nice and my hubby really enjoy the lunch.

Belinda K.
1 review so far 3
13.09.2017 12:30

The food was average, so not worth the price. Given the great reviews, we expected a lot more. The starters were great, the snails were well cooked, as were the scallop. But honestly not enough. The powder that went with the scallop didn't add anything to the dish, and the creamy butternut squash purée was stingy. The mains we ordered tenderloins and hache steak. Paying $15 more than hache, I'm afraid the hache tasted so much better. Even though it was a cheaper cut, it was tender all throughout whereas the tenderloin was tough outside and soft inside, like a badly seated steak. The accompaniments were not much to boast of. Honestly very very underwhelming. The dessert was a lot worse. We had the chocolate tart and pineapple carpaccio. The chocolate tart felt like cheap chocolate, and there were so many things on the fish they didn't form one, with the mango (mousse?), macerated strawberries and basil vanilla ice cream. I'm not sure how they all compliment each other, they certainly don't one another. The pineapple carpaccio was abysmal, it was terrible. The pineapple didn't taste of pineapple, it was so bland, like it had been steeped in water. The lychee sorbet was not smooth with chunky bits all throughout. This overall meal was very underwhelming considering the ratings people have given. The quality was good but the use of ingredients wasted. The ambience was great though.

Ai Ling T.
15 reviews so far 6
20.03.2017 12:25

Had a wonderful lunch at Au Petit Salut with my family on a Saturday afternoon. The service is excellent. We took the set lunch, appertizer was good, main is just average. Chicken is a little tough and bland. The pasta needs improvement. Pasta on the first serving was just overcook, the replacement was too heavy on the salt.

andre s.
6 reviews so far 5
28.08.2015 22:51

Al Fresco area was under renovation; which was not that big a deal as the weather did not warrant it. Service was acceptable and food had innovative French variance. Foie Gras dish as example - generally paired with apple but pear was used instead to give the sweetness with pomegranate for tartness. Table of four had variations of the set menu. All mains were pretty good with the exception of the Black Cod which seemed overdone on the sauces. The Snapper was perfect and a better option. And I'd have to mention that the tenderloin was done to perfection. Medium rare was done correctly and so was medium. Simple things like these were hard to come by these days in Singapore's fine dining establishments. This was only my third visit in over a decade. Standard consistent and well maintained.

Aloysius A.
1 review so far 6
28.06.2015 13:17

The restaurant was situated in a quiet place. Ambience was really good for dining in. Staff in the restaurant responded to my request very well and was really friendly. Food waiting time wasn't too long and transition between dishes was smooth. Of course the food was very nice. Overall very positive experience in Au Petit Salut!

Serene K.
4 reviews so far 6
30.07.2016 16:22

It's a very enjoyable dining at Au Petit Salut. The Bavette Steak was tenderly done & blended well with the chef's signature mashed potato. The coffee was well blended. The ambience is relaxing with attentive good service provided by each staff. Highly recommended for good bonding with family, friends & business associates.