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Quality coffee, American-style barbecue and Russian specialties come together at last at Port Melbourne’s Third Wave Cafe. Found on Rouse Street between Farrier Edwards Lane and Nott Street, this cafe, bar and restaurant combines the very best of American cuisine with the finest cafe classics (and we don’t just mean coffee!). Luckily for Melbourne locals, Third Wave Cafe is open every day of the week for finger lickin’ good barbecue delights and more.

Opening Times

Open now - Closes at 10:00 pm
7:00 am - 10:00 pm
7:00 am - 10:00 pm
7:00 am - 10:00 pm
8:00 am - 10:00 pm
8:00 am - 10:00 pm
7:00 am - 10:00 pm
7:00 am - 10:00 pm


Third Wave Coffee Burgers BBQ
189 Rouse Street, Port Melbourne
Melbourne 3207

Menu Highlights



Candy Bacon

Streaky bacon brushed with maple syrup, drizzled with organic brown sugar and chilli

Spicy Chicken Wings

24 hour marinated wings - smoked, then grilled basted with our house made que you hot BBQ nectar

Oink Balls

Pork meat balls wrapped with streaky bacon, smoked to perfect juicy state

Light Bites

Pulled Chicken Quesadilla

Grilled large 12" tortilla full of slow smoked & pulled chicken, asiago cheese

Lamb Quesadilla

Grilled large 12" tortilla full of slow smoked, spicy lamb, asiago cheese, spring onions


Lamb Shoulder

Tender and full of flavour. Flavoured with a proprietary blend of mildly spicy herbs and spices

Beef Ribs

Huge beefy flavours. Smoked using a special 9 spice dry rub and Hickory wood.

Pork Ribs

Tender, juicy, melt-in-your-mouth ribs


Smoky Chicken

Lettuce, slow cooked chicken, Asiago cheese, spicy vinegar tomato, Apple Bourbon Sauce, Basil Mayo, jalapeno.

Smoked Lamb

Slow smoked Lamb shoulder, aged Jack Cheddar cheese, lettuce, onions, tomato, basil mayo and spicy BBQ sauce. In a Brioche bun.

Pulled Pork Slider

Juicy 12 hour slow cooked pork with spices, layered on a soft bun with freshly made tangy coleslaw, pickled cucumber and mustard. Served with a side of crisps.

Reuben Sandwich

Slow smoked beef Brisket in a toasted Rye with layers of Pickles, Swiss Cheese, Coleslaw and house made zesty BBQ sauce. Served with chips and pickles. very American deli, very tasty


Slow smoked beef ribs layered with cheese, tomato, sauteed onions, BBQ sauce, pickles, belly bacon in a toasted Brioche bun.

Oh Mamma

Meaty and delicious... Mustard, caramelised onions are topped with 12 hour Slow smoked boneless beef short-ribs, followed by our incredible pulled pork. Each meat is covered with melted Aged Jack Cheddar and Swiss Cheese. Finally topped with grilled streaky bacon and Spicy BBQ sauce. All this in a huge brioche bun.

Gourmet Burger

Porterhouse mince, spice, fetta and sun-dried tomato patty on a bed of basil mayo in a brioche bun together with a few other tasty surprises. Many people have said that it is the best burger they have ever tried. It’s also huge...

3 Little Piggies Burger

3 little piggies burger. half bacon half Porterhouse patty, mustard, pickles, our house made spicy BBQ sauce, cream cheese, candy bacon, tomatoes and wait for it..... Smokey pulled pork - hence 3 little piggies....

Main Menu

Third Wave - AM Menu


Third Wave - Dinner Menu


More about Third Wave Coffee Burgers BBQ, Port Melbourne

First things first: the coffee. At Port Melbourne’s Third Wave Cafe, owner Inga has searched far and wide for Australia’s best cup of joe, and after months of careful contemplation, she decided on 5 Senses, a local roaster whose single-roast coffees and superlative blends are the talk of Melbourne’s gourmet coffee scene. Plus, having received training from some of the world’s best baristas, Inga and her staff really know their stuff – this is a cafe you can count on for an exceptional espresso.

Alongside Melbourne’s finest caffeinated beverages, Third Wave Cafe’s kitchen churns out some of the city’s very best barbecue dishes – that’s American-style barbecue, to be exact – as well as Russian specialties from Inga’s homeland. Featuring ribs with meat that falls off the bone, pulled-pork sliders and sandwiches galore, Third World Cafe on Port Melbourne’s Rouse Street offers up a real smorgasbord of options. Even better, the cafe opens up early for breakfast and serves incredible eggs, parfaits, muffins and satisfying platters. Make sure to reserve ahead!

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268 Reviews
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Robert C.4 days ago · 1 review

Quality feed, magnificent service and fast. Looking forward to the next visit already. Best American bbq I have had. Staff friendly and welcoming. Not bad value for money

judish d.10 days ago · 1 review

Oh my lawd!! The food was unbelievable! If you are thinking about going I absolutely recommend it. I know for sure I’ll definitely be going back!

Oriane V.12 days ago · 1 review

Great experience, the food was amazing. We were a party of 8 and everything went beyond expectations. We will definitely come back again. The « amazing » beer was indeed amazing.

Paul F.a month ago · 1 review

Amazing American BBQ. If you go on a Tuesday then you can go for an all you can eat option. Great range. Only one point of feedback - get an IPA on the menu.

Jack B.10 months ago · 1 review

I dined in with a few friends for the all you can eat deal! We were all really excited coming in for this, and the food we had exceeded all expectations. I had the crazy pig milkshake as well, and although I was a bit skeptical at first, the skepticism was put to rest! It was amazing! We loved all 3 courses, and we stuffed ourselves until we couldn't do more. The waitresses were also kind enough and accommodating to provide us take-away containers to bring home the rest of what we couldn't finish. For the meat-lovers we are, this was heaven! Thank-you once again! Will be back again for sure!

Maxwell L.7 months ago · 2 reviews

I ordered the 'Naked Cheeseburger' and 'Crazy Pig Freak-a-Shake' (bacon milkshake w/candied bacon + 'oink ball' - pork meatball wrapped in streaky bacon). The cheeseburger was free (from promotional email) and the shake was $16. I personally thought the food was rather bland and one-dimensional, unnecessarily spiced, and undoubtedly overpriced. The cheeseburger was dominated by the taste of the tomato relish and mustard and the beef patty lacked any interesting flavour at all. The bacon shake was nothing more than a vanilla shake (and a basic one at that) with little salty bits of bacon mixed in; again, nothing to rave about. The 'oink ball' looked and tasted like (and I'm quite certain it was) beef not pork, and I wasn't a fan of the BBQ sauce they used; it dominated the flavour of the meatball and bacon too much and left much to be desired. Lastly, and oddly enough the highlight, the candied bacon was a good mix of sweet and salty, but the spices they used added little flavour and seemed to add burn for the sake of burn (this was actually a common problem among the burger and meatball too). Unfortunately though, the candied bacon tasted more like maple-bacon, which wasn't necessarily bad, just not what I was expecting when described as "candied". Overall, I was disappointed with the food I ordered and amount paid (even with the free cheeseburger, $16 for a boring salty shake and extras wasn't worth it). I was excited to try the extensive range the menu had to offer before going here, but given this disappointing experience, I don't see myself coming back for more unfortunately.

Ewan C.a year ago · 1 review

The food at Third Wave Cafe is wonderfully cooked and full of flavour. We ended up sharing 3 large mains between 4 people which still ended up being more food then we could eat, but every bite was delicious!

Joe P.a year ago · 1 review

Seriously great food! Some of the best beef ribs I've ever had, was absolutely delicious! Unfortunately we had to leave half way through our evening because of a family emergency, but the staff was so good about it, they packed up the food we had ordered but hadn't been able to eat yet and gave us no fuss whatsoever. Wonderful food and great service, will absolutely be back to finish off unfinished business!

Sarah A.2 months ago · 1 review

It was an absolute delight being able to bring my group of friends here. I am a regular visitor to Third Wave and it has never disappointed. Food was divine and we all ordered a variety of dishes including the monthly dish, dinosaur ribs and burgers. We did have young children with us and probably needed another high chair but with a small venue it is understandable they only had one.

Damian J.a year ago · 1 review

Had the All You Can Eat Tues with two others, it was easily the best meal I've ever had out in my entire life from both a quality and value for money perspective. The beef rib in particular opened my eyes to how inadequate every other BBQ place I've been to has been, but everything that was served up was amazing, with quick and friendly service to boot. Absolutely recommended.