1 Restaurant in Bronte, Sydney

Restaurants in Sydney’s Bronte are perfect for sun and surf seekers

We’ve all heard of Bondi, but many of Sydney’s longtime residents prefer the low-key charms of Bronte, where you can enjoy a day at the beach without all the tourist traps. Clustered around a crescent-shaped bay, Bronte is a laidback suburb with plenty of open space including a sprawling green park, a beach that’s perfect for surfing and an ocean pool where you can swim without the dangers of the rip tide. Restaurants in Sydney Bronte are perfect for families and groups of friends who need a place to relax and catch up during a long, lazy day at the beach.

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Bronte Belo

Bronte Belo
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    Enjoy seafood with an ocean view at restaurants in Sydney Bronte

    What better choice than seafood for dinner at the shore? Many restaurants in Sydney Bronte specialise in seafood dishes, from humble fish and chips done right to elegantly prepared organic crustacean. This close to the ocean, you can guarantee it will be fresh. Even if you’re not in the mood for seafood, many of the restaurants in Sydney Bronte offer stunning ocean views from shaded outdoor terraces, so you can enjoy a sea breeze with your brunch, lunch or dinner.