3 Restaurants in Sydney: African

Tasty seafood dishes in African restaurants in Sydney

If you have a love for spicy and flavoursome dishes and fresh seafood, Sydney’s African restaurants are the ideal dining destination. At African Feeling on King Street in Newtown you can find a range of authentic fish dishes with a spicy twist, including Ghanaian fried zakham, of fried fish, usually tilapias or snapper, marinated in African spices and served in a delicious sauce. For those who prefer something a little more creamy and less spicy, the seasoned dalak prawns (a delicacy of Kenya) served in coconut cream is not to be missed.

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Lucky Tsotsi Shebeen and Bar

Lucky Tsotsi Shebeen and Bar

Jambo Jambo

Crows Nest
Jambo Jambo

African Feeling

African Feeling
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     Where to find the best desserts in Sydney

    Sydney is the capital city of New South Wales and a huge tourist destination, renowned for its stunning Opera House, the Darling Harbour and Harbour Bridge. The Royal Botanic Gardens are a key feature, along with the Skywalk platform which offers panoramic views of the city and its surroundings. It boasts a wealth of leisure and entertainment opportunities in a glamorous, bright location with modern city buildings and the deep blue harbour glistening at its edge. Waterside life is a real attraction here, and Circular Quay Port is one of the many hubs of leisure and social life, with enticing restaurants offering specialist sweet treats and desserts from Sydney and beyond.
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    Try traditional meat stews at African restaurants in Sydney

    If you’re a fan of succulent meats, then Sydney’s African restaurants have got you covered. You’ll find a wide range of dishes like kukuna nazi, a Kenyan dishes of chicken breast cooked in spices and coconut milk; traditional beef stews simmered in a tomato-based sauce, and iconic dishes from North Africa like lamb tagine. Pay Lucky Tsotsi Shebeen & Bar on Oxford Street a visit and sample the African platter brimming with biltong, dry wors, Cape fruit and nuts, and bhuja mix. Or, pick Lorena Maria’s peri peri, lemon and spice half chicken, Mozambique-style, or the pap ‘n’ wors plate, with South African boerewors sausage in gravy over mielie-meal pap. Whatever you want, there'll be something on the menu for you.
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    Festivals devoted to desserts in Sydney

    If you're looking to enjoy delicious desserts, Sydney has everything you could wish for! In fact, the city even hosts its own dedicated dessert festival, 'Sweet Street'. For such a healthy destination, the range of puddings, desserts, pastries, sweets and bon bons is impressive! Part of the reason is down to the international flavour of the city. Sydney's dessert offerings incorporate specialist recipes from every corner of the globe, along with local fusion cooking that defines Modern Australian cuisine.
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    Where to find the best desserts in Sydney

    Sydney's desserts vary from the sophisticated to the comforting. When you're out shopping in the Pit Street Mall, why not stop for a slice of vegan pecan pie or a raw chocolate brownie, alongside a fresh flat white? The city excels in coffee and the cafe's homemade cakes boast the finest, most carefully-sourced ingredients. Prefer to avoid wheat and processed sugar? Don't worry, Sydney desserts will very often include 'wellness' trend options, which use gluten-free coconut or spelt flour, and use dates or pureed fruits instead of refined sugar. You can very often sneak in one of your vegetable portions too, with healthy baking such as beetroot brownies or zucchini muffins. With desserts in Sydney that combine taste and health, you can enjoy a guilt-free treat!
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    Go vegetarian at Sydney's African restaurants

    Vegetables and spices form a major part of African cuisine, so while meat and fish are clearly popular at Sydney's African restaurants, there's plenty to satisfy those who are vegetarian too. At African Feeling you can find a range of authentic and filling meat-free dishes, such as the spinach granat stew with ground peanuts from Sierra Leone or egwein of red kidney bean and black eyed bean stew with a side of chapatti or coconut rice. So whether you just want to try something out of the ordinary when dining out at Sydney's African restaurants or are a vegetarian all year round, you'll find something that will suit here.
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    Discover Australian desserts in Sydney

    Australia's cuisine includes some delicious sweet treats, so why not incorporate them into your Sydney desserts tour? Pavlova encases fresh berries and cream in a crisp meringue shell and it was named for the famous ballerina, Anna Pavlova when she toured the country in the 1920s. Caramel slices have been a national favourite since the 1970s and are a hugely gooey treat. Don't forget the famous lamington either. This unassuming pudding is utterly delicious - with a light sponge dipped in chocolate and then coated in desiccated coconut, it is often served with jam and cream to ramp up the indulgence factor! Whether you also treat yourself to a famous Sydney breakfast dessert - fairy bread, which is basically coloured sugar sprinkles on toast - is up to you. As far as we're concerned, you had a healthy round of avocado on rye with a wheatgrass juice shot, right?
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    Book ahead at African restaurants in Sydney

    Sydney's African restaurants are some of the best in the city, so it's no surprise they tend to fill up quickly. To avoid disappointment, it's wise to book a table ahead. If the thought of doing this fills you with dread, don't worry, at Quandoo, we've taken all the stress out of booking tables at African restaurants in Sydney and made it possible for you to book online in just a matter of seconds.
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    How about a full-on sweet tasting menu?

    There are even some dedicated pudding and desserts restaurants in Sydney, where you can meet with friends or family and relax with a luxurious menu of traditional hot puddings, ice-creams, cakes, trifles, sweets and more. Whether your passion is a delicate mille-feuille or a hearty spotted dick with custard, these specialist venues will deliver! Why not try a slice of the richest chocolate cake imaginable, or keep it light with a champagne berry sorbet? These Sydney desserts restaurants will also often feature excellent drinks menus, with everything from tea infusions through to dessert wines and champagne. They are very popular for high tea, afternoon stops and late evening socials with friends and the interiors are beautiful to look at, comfortable and as indulgent as the menus!
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    Insta-worthy Sydney desserts to brag about

    Want to ramp up your Instagram feed with colourful, exciting and downright crazy desserts in Sydney? Then look out for the massive sugar-topped cronuts - a combination of croissant and doughnut - or try one of the insane dessert milkshakes that Australia has popularised. They come topped with cream, doughnuts, Kit-Kats and all manner of sweets. Just bring your trainers and do a jog along Bondi afterwards hey! Look out too for the famous French macarons and a certain multi-coloured Unicorn ice-cream brand which looks almost too good to eat...
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    [h2}Got a favourite experience that you'd love to share?

    Have you already experienced the gastronomic thrill of the finest Sydney desserts? Did you tuck into tiramisu whilst overlooking the Harbour or try a pudding tasting platter by Bondi Beach? Share your experiences with our community! And remember too, you can book a restaurant table up to two hours in advance when you book with Quandoo - meaning that you can get to your desserts in Sydney without fear of queueing... after all, you want to be first in line for that fresh batch of cronuts, right?