Dine out in Tasmania

Join the foodie revolution in Tasmania's great restaurants

Restaurants in Tasmania are at the forefront of a foodie revolution that has seen the island transformed from a culinary backwater into one of the country's centres of gastronomic glory. The secret has been a shift away from dull, prepackaged and imported food and a move to fresh, local produce. These top-quality ingredients are then transformed by innovative chefs into the taste sensations we find on the menus of Tasmania's best restaurants. The secret is well and truly out now, so check out our selection of the finest restaurants in Tasmania here on Quandoo and make sure to book a table to sample some of these new dining delights for yourself.

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    Enjoy the exciting restaurants of Tasmania's capital

    There's no doubt that many of the best restaurants in Tasmania are to be found in Hobart. This exciting harbour city has a buzzing dining scene along the waterfront, especially at Salamanca Place on Sullivans Cove. Here you can soak up the atmosphere while enjoying everything from good old fish and chips to modern Australian and countless international cuisines. There's some great seafood and, if you prefer the old favourites, some traditional Tasmania restaurants serving meat pies, steaks and lovely cold beer.
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    Then explore fine restaurants across Tasmania

    Once you've sampled the best that Hobart has to offer, it's time to get out of the capital and explore the many wonderful restaurants in Tasmania's other towns and regions. Towns such as Launceston, Devonport and Burnie have some excellent eateries and the wine areas of Coal River and Derwent Valley have some great places where you can combine delicious food with the celebrated local wines. Look out some truly outstanding pinot noir and stunning sparkling wines to complement almost any food.
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    You'll love the variety of Tasmania's restaurants

    There's no doubt about it, Tasmania has restaurants for every taste. Modern Australian is certainly a specialty, combining great local produce with imaginative cooking, but you traditionalists out there are well catered for, too. There are also some great international cuisines, with everything from Asian noodle bars to American-style diners. Even the classic cuisines of Europe are well-represented. Check out the wonderful Tasmanian restaurants here on Quandoo and get ready to take your very own Tassie taste tour!