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Townsville: this unofficial capital of North Queensland is a gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and its community epicentre north of the Sunshine Coast has been quietly brewing a truly world-class food scene of late. The restaurants in Townsville are unique, innovative and halocals absolutely buzzing. Restaurants in Townsville are going from strength to strength lately, not because they’re doing the same thing as Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney, but because they’re tapping into their own local scene and paying homage to the rich, ‘northerner’ history of this spectacular part of the world. What we mean by that is that you’ll find a strong emphasis on local produce, true-blue and time-tested dishes and absolutely nothing pretentious or over the top in Townsville’s restaurants. But that’s not to say they aren’t up to muster, so read on, we think you’ll be surprised at the pedigree of Townsville’s fantastic restaurants.

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Indian Brothers - Townsville

North Ward
Indian Brothers - Townsville
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    Deep, blue, sea

    As we mentioned, Townsville is one of the gateways to the UNESCO listed Great Barrier Reef. Situated adjacent to the central section of this remarkable natural wonder, Townsville is a hub for people coming north to visit and explore this area. But it’s not only the reef that’s a drawcard for visitors after a natural escape. Neighbouring Magnetic Island has effectively become a suburb of Townsville and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. So, with all these tourist hotspots on it’s front door, it’s little wonder Townsville’s restaurant scene is fast becoming one one of the best in Queensland. Also, as a result of being so close to the ocean, the seafood in Townsville restaurants is always fresh and always delicious, and it’s a firm feature on the menus here. You’ll find an array of tasty seafood delights, with the likes of fresh oysters, prawns, scallops, bugs, squid and many fish varieties coming in off the local trawlers daily and delivering straight off the boat into the kitchens of Townsville’s restaurants. You can’t get fresher than that!
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    And where do you find the best restaurants in Townsville?

    There are in fact, a couple of central dining areas brimming with restaurants in Townsville. It honestly just depends on what you feel like. For example, if you’re after a meal for a special occasion, then Palmer Street is the place to be. Packed with Townsville restaurants serving international cuisine and home to an array of award-winning restaurants, this Townsville city centre street is a stone’s throw from the Ross River that feeds out into the ocean and is one of the best foodie destinations in the city. If a million dollar view and alfresco dining is what you’re after, Gregory Street and The Strand boast Townsville restaurants that are ideal for whiling the day away, enjoying brilliant food and that famous North Queensland sunshine. If you’re kicking off a night out though, Flinders Lane is the place to be, with an eclectic mix of sophisticated Townsville restaurants alongside some of the coolest clubs, bars and pubs in the city.
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    What you should expect from Townsville’s restaurants

    We spoke a little about local produce being high on the agenda for Townsville’s restaurants, and we also spoke about the fresh seafood coming in off the trawlers. So as you’d expect, things in Townsville tend to be all about being local. When you’re dining at restaurants in Townsville, you can look forward to your bread to coming from the local artisan baker (like The Loaves Bakehouse), coffee roasted by Coffee Dominion and tea from The Tea Centre. Another thing to expect from the restaurants in Townsville is the complete artistry and innovation coming from the kitchen. Only 20 years ago, thinking about visiting a restaurant in Townsville would bring two things to mind: crumbing and frying. Nowadays, you’ll find dishes like coconut prawns with a carrot and tamarind jam alongside baked eggplant, pine nut and gruyere moussaka packed with grilled artichoke, red onion and a sherry and orange dressing, for example. We told you the restaurants in Townsville were good!
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    A perfect day in Townsville

    We’ve mentioned several aspects of dining in this wonderful city. So we thought we’d give you a rough guide. What we mean is a brief plan of what you might like to do, to experience the best of Townsville’s restaurant scene. Firstly, kick things off in true Aussie style with a gourmet breakfast on The Strand overlooking the ocean, then meander down City Lane and maybe stop for a coffee or glass of wine while snacking on some tapas, then for lunch (after a visit to the Townsville brewery) head to Gregory Street for Italian or French and round things off in the evening on Palmer Street where you can feast on the delights of the freshest seafood you’ll find anywhere.
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    How to book!

    So if that rough guide sounds right up your alley, what are you waiting for? Ah, yes of course how could we forget – what’s the best what to get it all done? Well, for the best experience possible, jump on Quandoo and reserve your tables before you get going. Just select the area, cuisine and price point most appropriate, let us know the date and you’re away. All you need to do now is get excited and work up an appetite. You’re about to experience truly excellent dining in Townsville’s wonderful restaurants!