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1 Restaurant in Townsville: Indian

Discover Indian restaurants in Townsville

Indian restaurants in Townsville offer something delicious for every palate. Their dishes are as diverse as India itself, so whether you love a kick of spice or prefer to keep it subtle, you'll find yourself with plenty of options. Beat the heat of a fiery madras or keep it mellow with a creamy, delicate korma. Whatever your taste and budget, Townsville’s Indian restaurants have got you covered.

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Indian Brothers - Townsville

North Ward
Indian Brothers - Townsville
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    Explore a thriving culinary destination

    Northern Queensland's prettiest city, coastal Townsville is bathed in sunlight for around 320 days a year. A bustling city with an easygoing vibe, it's a place where you can relax by day in the shade of shops, parks and attractions like the aquarium, then hit the town by night. Take in the view from the stunning waterfront esplanade before grabbing dinner and drinks in the historic town centre. The city's ever-growing selection of bars and restaurants will ensure you never run out of new drinks and dishes to try. The Indian restaurants of Townsville offer everything from comfort food to fine dining, so whatever you're in the mood for you'll find restaurants that suit.
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    Try a subcontinent's worth of dishes

    Indian restaurants in Townsville also serve dishes that originate in Pakistan and Bangladesh, which were both once part of modern day India. Covering 4.4 million square kilometres with a population of over 1.7 billion, it's no surprise that the subcontinent's culinary output is so uniquely varied. Pakistani dishes are typically spicier, favouring meat with tomato-based sauces while South Indian dishes have a creamier, richer flavour and are often vegetarian. Bangladeshi dishes, meanwhile, take advantage of the country's abundance of freshwater fish. Indian restaurants in Townsville showcase the best of each part of the continent taking you on a culinary journey with each and every mouthful.
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    Discover exciting new recipes and dishes at Townsville’s Indian restaurants

    Have you tried goat meat yet? Australia is the world's largest exporter of the lean, lower-cholesterol alternative to chicken, and one of the Indian restaurants in Townsville would be the perfect place to try a traditional goat meat curry which is often served at Indian weddings. Alternatively, if you're looking for something sweeter, how about a coconut naan? Indian restaurants in Townsville aren't afraid to push the boundaries of Indian cuisine, creating dishes that celebrate local ingredients and Australian flavour profiles by combining them with authentic spice blends. So what are you waiting for? Dive right in and experience Indian cuisine at Townsville restaurants!