Dine out in Victoria

Sample big flavours in Victoria’s restaurants

Victoria may be Australia’s smallest mainland state but it's certainly big on choice and flavour. Victoria's restaurants range from casual cafes to the finest dining establishments with a huge choice of local or international cuisines on offer. For example, Melbourne has the largest Greek population of any city outside Greece which is reflected in fantastic range of Greek restaurants in the city. Look out for specialities like dolmades of vine leaves stuffed with rice and herbs served at Yiamas Greek Restaurant and Bar, or the souvlakia chargrilled pork skewers on offer at Triakosia.

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    Take a look at the capital

    Melbourne is well-known as the capital of food in Australia, and this Victorian capital city’s restaurants are some of the best in the country, and the world in fact. With such a diverse range of restaurants on offer, you can enjoy some great Italian in the Little Italy area around Lygon Street, head to Richmond for Vietnamese food, Footscray for African, Brunswick for Middle Eastern or Chinatown for lots of excellent Asian restaurants. There are also some great seafood places across town. As you can see, the choice of cuisines in Melbourne is huge and raises the bar for restaurants in Victoria’s rural areas – a wonderful thing for small town residents.
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    Get out of the city and discover restaurants across Victoria

    Melbourne may be a fine foodie capital but there are plenty of other great restaurants in Victoria just waiting to be discovered. Enjoy steak? Why not head for the beautiful seafront city of Geelong and try the Angus eye-fillet at Parkers Steakhouse? Or, go traditional with the chicken parmy at the Bay View Bar & Grill on the Waterfront, served with Napoli sauce, ham, pineapple and melted cheese? Head inland to the historic Goldfields region that boasts lots of fascinating towns and cities like Ballarat, where Table 48 offers fine Italian cooking made with great local Australian produce.
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    You just can't beat restaurants in Victoria for quality and variety

    While, the sheer choice and quality of restaurants in Victoria's capital city is breathtaking, don't forget that these high standards have spread across the state and you'll find plenty more to enjoy no matter where you are. To help you discover some truly wonderful restaurants in Victoria, take a look at the listings on Quandoo and discover why this tiny state has so much to offer in terms of wonderful food, wine and fun. You’ll be in for a treat, trust us!