German Restaurant in Victoria

 Discover authentic European recipes in Victoria's German restaurants

Traditional German cuisine puts the accent on hearty meat dishes, particularly pork, and on finely flavoured sausages which come in a vast number of styles. In Victoria, German restaurants offer a taste of home for the state's German-Australian population, but also provide an appetising alternative European cuisine for visitors to Victoria sated with familiar Italian or Greek options. With a warm welcome, plenty of imported German beers and an authentic atmosphere, German restaurants in Victoria provide a gratifying meal you won’t be forgetting.

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The Rheingold

The Rheingold

Geelong CBD
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    Enjoy classic German dishes in Victoria’s restaurants

    Most Australians would happily admit to a fondness for meat and beer, so German restaurants enjoy an understandable popularity. The Rheingold Cellar Restaurant in Geelong is one of the prominent German restaurants in Victoria, with an authentic menu that offers classic German dishes such as succulent spit-roasted pork, schnitzels and Alpine strudel. Then, round off a memorable meal with a shot of imported schnapps. If you’re in the mood for a little sauerkraut or wurst, let Quandoo secure a table for you at the best German restaurants in Victoria, – you won’t be disappointed.