Dine out in Western Australia

Enjoy big flavours and top quality in the restaurants of Western Australia

Western Australia is the country's biggest state, encompassing everything from the vast, arid outback to endless coastlines and the cosmopolitan capital city of Perth. So what can you expect from restaurants in Western Australia? Well, the variety on offer is almost as vast as the state itself and the quality reflects the demands of a sophisticated local population. So if you enjoy fine food and you like to sample new cuisines, Western Australia's restaurants are the perfect fit. Check out the best restaurants in Western Australia right here on Quandoo and you'll soon be sitting down to some excellent eats.

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    Sample surf and turf in Western Australia's restaurants

    If you're a fish lover, you're in for a treat at the seafood and fish restaurants of Western Australia. The local Western rock lobsters are some of the best in Australia and the state's many rivers and lakes are also home to countless freshwater varieties. If you prefer to eat meat, then you can just book yourself a table at one of the excellent steak restaurants in Western Australia and tuck into some succulent Aussie beef. Don’t worry if you really can't choose because you can just go for some surf and turf with luscious lobster or shrimp with a hunk of sizzling steak.
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    Explore the exciting ethnic restaurants of Western Australia

    This is one of the most biologically diverse regions in the world and the state's ethnic diversity is almost as impressive. That's why you'll find so many great multicultural restaurants in Western Australia. You can try everything from superb Asian food to sophisticated European dishes and exciting African cuisines. With Latin American, Middle Eastern and US-style diners adding to the mix, restaurants in Western Australia really do have something for everyone!
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    Live it up or just relax in Western Australia's restaurants

    If you're looking to live it up a little in some of Western Australia's top restaurants, there are plenty of upscale options in the glitzy harbour sides of Perth and Fremantle, where you can enjoy international-class cooking in luxurious surroundings. Don't worry if casual dining is more your thing though, because there are lots of relaxed cafes and diners up and down the coast and hidden away in the laneways and alleys. Simply browse the listings here on Quandoo and you'll find plenty of options to match your mood!