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Cafés in Wollongong

Bang the dinner gong at these great Wollongong cafes

There's never been a better time to eat out in Wollongong. From cafes on the beach to more sophisticated eateries, there's a lots to discover and enjoy in the 'Gong' as it's known in these parts. Just 90km south of Sydney, this beautiful city attracts visitors to its’ 17 beaches and growing reputation for a cool nightlife scene. Another attraction is the city's casual dining scene. Cafes in Wollongong are gaining a strong following, with locals and visitors alike enjoying some excellent food in relaxing surroundings. There's a fantastic choice of food and drink available here, from simple sandwiches, pastries and cakes (perhaps with excellent coffee from the local roastery) to more sophisticated cooking featuring some unbeatable regional produce.

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Coast Cafe


Mug N Bean Cafe


Green Poppy Cafe

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5th Ave Cafe


Lagoon Deck Bar & Kiosk

North Wollongong

Bill & James


City West Cafe

City Centre

Village Fix


Cafe Mia


Vode Cafe

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    Indulge with fresh seafood in the waterfront cafes of Wollongong

    Clearly, the ocean plays a major role in Wollongong, and cafes in the city reflect this influence. You can find some fantastic seafood on the menus and great views from tables overlooking Fairy Creek Lagoon and the Pacific Ocean. Wollongong cafes around the harbour are buzzing with life with diners looking forward to some excellent seafood cooked simply but well. With the so-called 'Oyster Coast' nearby, lovers of the bivalve are particularly spoiled, while the local prawns are some of the best in Australia. There are few better dining experiences than eating fresh local seafood right on the harbourside and the waterfront cafes of Wollongong allow you to do just that.
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    Where to find some great Wollongong cafes

    Looking to try out one of the excellent cafes in Wollongong? You definitely won't have to look too far to find some superb dining options. The harbour area is certainly a great foodie hub but there are plenty of other neighbourhoods in the city to explore as well. Some of the busiest dining areas are around Corrimal Street and Keira Street, where you can find many of the most popular cafes in Wollongong. Don't feel restricted to these areas, however. There are loads of good cafes in Wollongong's laneways and further afield in the north and south suburbs.
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    International influences in Wollongong cafes

    Wollongong has one of the most diverse communities in Australia, with strong Asian and Indian communities which is reflected in the number of cafes in Wollongong offering delicious Asian food. Some of the Indian-inspired seafood dishes are particularly renowned, with vibrant spices bringing out the incredible flavours of excellent local ingredients. You'll also find some wonderful Thai, Chinese and Cambodian food, along with Japanese sushi and teppanyaki. Meanwhile, from the other side of the globe, look out for some tasty Mexican and American diner-style food.
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    Bask in the cool style of contemporary cafes in Wollongong

    Being so close to Sydney, Wollongong cafes have a greater cosmopolitan influence than eateries in most other regional Australian cities. Many top chefs have made their way down the coast to work in the city, attracted by the chance to combine a wonderful beach lifestyle with the opportunity to work in some of the most inventive kitchens in the region. This brings an air of big city sophistication to the ambience of Wollongong cafes and an elevated level of skill and imagination to the cooking. With Quandoo, you're only a few clicks or taps away from booking a table at one of the best Wollongong cafes and experiencing that wonderful Wollongong cafe culture for yourself.