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Restaurant in Blackwood

 Blackwood's Indian restaurants are among Adelaide's finest

Located around 6 miles south of central Adelaide, Blackwood has restaurants to that SA's foodies will adore. With its leafy streets and green spaces, it's a classic Aussie suburb, and being in South Australia's capital, having good local eats is essential. If you want to stay local, Indian food is probably the standout gourmet attraction. South Asian chefs at places like Shalimar offer something a little bit different with dishes like goat dopiazas, along with a range of familiar dishes. There should be tucker for everyone to enjoy, providing they love Indian cuisine.

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Shalimar Indian Cuisine

Shalimar Indian Cuisine

Shalimar Indian Cuisine
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    Try some of Adelaide's best Italian restaurants near Blackwood

    Naturally, not everyone's up for a spicy curry every time they head out to dine. Thankfully, the Italian restaurants near Blackwood in Adelaide's southern suburbs are outstanding. The City of Churches has a fantastic Italian eating scene, and local highlights like Farina 00 are among the city's elite trattorias. Informal, full of atmosphere and, most importantly, employing some razor-sharp kitchen staff, places like this serve up everything from flawless arancini to decadent Nutella semifreddos.