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3 Restaurants in Adelaide: Japanese

Enjoy amazing sushi at Adelaide's Japanese restaurants

Sushi has long been one of Japan's most popular culinary exports, and if you're looking for this classic rice and fish delicacy then Adelaide's Japanese restaurants won't disappoint. Ichitaro Dining on King William Road in Hyde Park is the place to be for sushi and sashimi lovers - serving classic choices such as aburi rolls (salmon and cream cheese) and crabstick California rolls as well as delicacies for vegetarians and vegans like avocado and cucumber rolls, there is plenty here to suit all tastes.

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Samurai Teppanyaki House

Samurai Teppanyaki House

Sushi Planet

Sushi Planet

Ichitaro Dining

Hyde Park
Ichitaro Dining
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    Experience top notch seafood dishes at Adelaide's Japanese restaurants

    With Japan surrounded entirely by the Pacific Ocean and the capital of South Australia lying on the shores of Gulf St Vincent, Japanese restaurants in Adelaide are the perfect places to sample authentic recipes made with freshly sourced, local ingredients. Ichitaro Dining is again a good choice, with signature dishes there including the snapper ceviche served with cucumber, chilli and Spanish onions, the black cod saikyo in a delicious miso marinade and the salt and pepper tossed squid with wasabi flavoured mayonnaise and Japanese mountain pepper, there are plenty of delicious fish dishes to pick from.
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    Try authentic drinks at Japanese restaurants in Adelaide

    Japanese cuisine is known around the world for its edible delicacies such as sushi, rice dishes and more, but there are plenty of beverages to enjoy with your food as well. Many of Adelaide's Japanese restaurants serve the classic drink sake, an authentic rice wine from Japan. Served in tiny cups known as choko, the beverage is more delicate than wine and is ideal for drinking alongside oysters, salads and food with a high soy content. And if you don't fancy alcohol with your meal, you can always opt for an authentic tea such as a sencha green tea or the uniquely flavoured bancha.
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    Book Adelaide's Japanese restaurants in advance to avoid disappointment

    Adelaide's Japanese restaurants get busy quickly, especially at the weekend, so it's wise to reserve in advance so that you don't get disappointed. If this fills your mind with images of frantic phone calls and mixed up messages, don't worry - with Quandoo, all you have to do is head over to our website, type in your requirements then choose from a list of Adelaide's best Japanese restaurants. Once you've chosen you can book online in seconds, saving you time and energy.