3 Restaurants in Adelaide: Steak

Treat yourself at one of Adelaide's fine steakhouses

There are many different cuisines to enjoy in the restaurants around Adelaide, but its steakhouses offer a fabulous treat that is hard to top. A high-quality ingredient that is reared right on our doorsteps, Aussie beef begs to be enjoyed at its best – properly cooked in one of Adelaide’s finest steakhouses. There’s much variety to go around too, with lots of cuts, cooking methods and recipes to choose from. Go ahead and treat yourself to a culinary classic at Adelaide's excellent steakhouses.

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Schnithouse - Hilton

Schnithouse - Hilton

The Little Hunter

The Little Hunter
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    How to choose your perfect cut in the steakhouses of Adelaide

    Many Adelaide steakhouses offer their steaks by weight and cut. The former is pretty self-explanatory: Choose a bigger steak if you have a raging appetite, and a smaller one if you’re feeling less hungry. Still unsure? Your waiter might present you with samples to help you gauge their size. Next comes the cut. Fillet is perhaps the most tender, but the marbling of fat in a sirloin or Scotch fillet (rib-eye) is reckoned by some to provide a fuller flavour. If you really can't decide and have a big appetite to satisfy, go for a T-bone, which has fillet on one side of the bone and sirloin on the other. Simply unbeatable!
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    Try these exciting alternatives at Adelaide's steakhouses

    Let’s face it; there are times when nothing can be better than a great steak cooked exactly to your liking, but many steakhouses in Adelaide offer truly tempting alternatives to the classic grilled cuts. How about having the finest fillet served as a tartare with a little grated shallot, seasoning, and a raw egg yolk on top? Want to spice things up a little? Keep an eye out for fajitas that come sizzling on the griddle and ready to wrap with jalapenos, salsa, sour cream, cheese and guacamole for the ultimate taste sensation.
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    Spoil yourself with classic dishes at Adelaide’s steakhouses

    If you're planning a romantic date, look no further than the classic French Chateaubriand: a whole fillet that feeds two and which is typically accompanied by a bearnaise or wine and shallot sauce. For the ultimate indulgence, tournedos Rossini (a fillet served on a crouton and topped with a slice of foie gras) will leave you on a high note. Browse Adelaide's finest steakhouses on Quandoo to find the perfect steak dinner for you and your guests.