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2 Restaurants in Everton Park, Brisbane

Come enjoy the taste of niche restaurants in Brisbane's homey Everton Park

Just steps from Brisbane's thriving CBD is its cozy but lively suburb, Everton Park. Its beautiful parks and well-kept cycling paths are only one slice of living the good life in Brisbane. Everton Park's restaurants are well-known around the city for being warm, welcoming, convenient and, above all, packed with fabulous options. Since the area is tranquil and well-connected to Brisbane's centre, Everton Park's restaurants become more than simply a space to eat: they're also social gathering spots for friends, family and diners looking to engage each other over amazing global cuisines.

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The Burrito Bar - Everton Park

Everton Park
The Burrito Bar - Everton Park

O'Aces Bar and Grill

Everton Park
O'Aces Bar and Grill
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    Journey from East to West with at international restaurants in Everton Park, Brisbane

    Take a moment to close your eyes and consider this: if you could eat anything you could right now, what would it be? Lucky for you, if you're in Brisbane and there are probably Everton Park restaurants serving exactly the dish you're thinking of. Fresh, artisanal pizza, anyone? What about a steaming, spicy Thai curry? Or maybe you're feeling more like a sitting outside and enjoying an ice cold beer with gourmet burger and a generous helping of fries? When you eat at Everton Park's restaurants, you can enjoy Brisbane's great local produce and ingredients infused within cuisines from around the world.