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Welcome to a slice of the good life

Brisbane is the capital of Queensland and it's a young and vibrant city that boasts superb culture, nature, outdoor activities, as well as dining options, to name a few. The South Bank cultural precinct is a hotspot for visitors, and so is the West End and Fortitude Valley – each of which offers visitors a range of different experiences within the city limits. Cruise down the scenic Brisbane River, take a relaxing walk at the sprawling Botanic Gardens, hike up Kangaroo Point Cliffs for incredible views, enjoy a tasty craft beer tour, or go shopping at one of the many lively farmer's markets dotted around the city. There’s never a dull moment in Brisbane, and we’re here to sweeten the deal by disclosing some of Brisbane’s best desserts you’ll ever come across.

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Mu'ooz Eritrean Restaurant and Catering

West End
Mu'ooz Eritrean Restaurant and Catering

Made In Africa

Made In Africa
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     African restaurants and Brisbane are a match made in heaven

    Brisbane has been coming into its own in the recent years. No longer considered a ‘big small town’, this thriving city has one of the most exciting and diverse food cultures in the country. One of the most enticing cuisines that’s got local foodies weak at the knees, is African. The colourful and often spicy food is a perfect match for this cosmopolitan and vibrant city with an amazing variety of dishes on offer. African cuisine has perhaps been under-represented in the past but that’s quickly shifting with the growing popularity of African restaurants in Brisbane.
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    Discover northern flavours in Brisbane's African restaurants

    If you enjoy exciting food brimming with flavour then you'll love the dishes on offer in Brisbane's African restaurants. African cuisine varies widely depending on which region it comes from, so we thought we’d break it down a bit. From the north, you can discover the delicious dishes of Morocco and the Berbers. Look out for hearty tagines of spicy and succulent meat served with cous cous, or try the Tunisian delicacy of brik, which is an egg covered in thin, flaky pastry and deep-fried. Spice mixes like ras el hanout are a major feature in African cooking, and create multi-layered flavour combinations. If you’re in for a North African meal, pay West End’s Mu’ooz Eritrean Restaurant a visit and sample traditional dishes like barai (a spicy beef or chicken curry flavoured with berbere, onion, tomato, garlic and tesmi), which is also a non-for-profit helping refugee women break down cultural barriers through employment.
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    Brisbane’s international dessert scene

    After you've spent the morning perusing the Gallery of Modern Art, you'll no doubt be ready for a rest and a side of indulgence. Why not treat yourself to a freshly ground coffee or a tea infusion, accompanied with a coconut-covered lamington at one of the many dessert joints in Brisbane? In this multicultural city, you can even broaden your horizons with sweet and savoury specialities from all corners of the globe, such as a bowl of Mexican fried churros with chocolate sauce, or an ice kacang – shaved ice with rose syrup – from Malaysia. If you’re one of those who thinks of desserts as the most important dining course, the Brisbane dessert scene will certainly live up to your expectations.
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    Let African restaurants in Brisbane take you south of the Sahara

    On the other hand, cuisines from the south are sometimes known as rainbow cuisine due to their influence from various tribes and cultures. You’ll find dishes like potjiekos which are slow-cooked stews, cooked in round, cast iron, three-legged pots brimming with vegetables and succulent meat that simply melts in your mouth, alongside Kenyan staple, nyama na irio which is made from mashed potatoes, beans, corn, onion and peas, served with spicy roast meats.
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    Australian desserts in Brisbane: Which ones will you try?

    Brisbane's desserts include plenty of Australian classics – one of which is the peach melba, named after Dame Nellie Melba, a famous opera singer. Featuring sweet peaches, vanilla ice-cream and raspberries, it is simple, refreshing and utterly moreish. Moving on, both Australia and New Zealand may have staked their claim on having created the pavlova, but one thing is for sure: it got its name from legendary Russian prima ballerina Anna Pavlova, and is a decadent serving of meringues, fresh fruit and cream. Keen for an on-the-go snack you can store at the bottom of your handbag? Then don't forget the humble Anzac biscuit, originally created by the wives of servicemen fighting overseas in the war. These crunchy wonders are packed with oats, coconut, syrup and butter, and they are absolutely addictive!
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    Late-night Brisbane desserts at your doorstep

    Good news for dessert fans; bad news for those on a diet: Many venues in Brisbane with desserts as their speciality stay open late into the evening, providing ample opportunities to socialise with friends while digging into a slice of red velvet cake or an artisan gelato at leisure. The menus often include dessert tasting platters, matched by an excellent drinks menu for the perfect complement to your treat. Simply get started by looking up our list of places for dessert in Brisbane, then filter according to location and price range to find one that caters to your preferences. From there, you’re only seconds away from booking a table at one of Brisbane’s top dessert spots, where the sugar-filled experience of your childhood dreams awaits. It’s really that easy!
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    Try Brisbane's African restaurants for a great night out

    The atmosphere of many African restaurants in Brisbane is another reason for their increasing popularity. Casual and relaxed, they’re an excellent choice if you're looking for somewhere to enjoy a night out with friends. This is a cuisine that’s just made for sharing, so it's perfect if you're dining in a group. Browse our selection of Brisbane's best African restaurants and look forward to a meal to remember.