3 Restaurants in Gold Coast: Vegan

Have you tried the delicious dishes of the Gold Coast's vegan restaurants?

Many of us are keen to adopt healthy and ethical diets and the number of excellent vegan restaurants on the Gold Coast certainly reflects this trend. Vegan food has come a long way in the last few years and it’s now a recognised cuisine in its own right. When you taste the fine food being served in the Gold coast's best vegan restaurants, you'll realise that it’s less about the absence of certain ingredients and more about using a huge range of fresh and exotic produce to create exciting dishes bursting with flavour. This is food that’s good enough to delight even non-vegans, making vegan restaurants on the Gold Coast an excellent choice for groups of friends and families with a wide range of dietary requirements and preferences.

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Marie Anita's Gluten Free Health Cafe

Burleigh Heads
Marie Anita's Gluten Free Health Cafe




New Farm
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    What to expect in vegan restaurants on the Gold Coast

    The Gold Coast attracts many people who love the outdoor lifestyle and the fantastic nightlife in the area. Locals are often keen to adopt a healthier lifestyle and this is perhaps one of the reasons why you can find so many excellent vegan restaurants along the Gold Coast. You can expect some excellent and innovative dishes that make extensive use of fresh, local and seasonal ingredients. You’ll find an array of various cuisines done vegan-style here, with many spots offering entirely plant based menus. You can find everything from Thai, Mexican, Vietnamese, American, modern Australian and Italian here, all vegan, all delicious. So no matter what cuisine you’re craving, you’re sure going to be satisfied in any of the Gold Coast’s vegan restaurants.
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    Some great dishes from the Gold Coast's vegan restaurants

    When you eat in vegan restaurants on the Gold Coast you should be ready to be taken on a culinary adventure that will see you enjoy influences from around the world. How about curried coconut, quinoa and greens with roasted cauliflower, kale and black beans and avocado in a burrito bowl? Or why not opt for a creamy linguine with butternut squash and sage; grilled pineapple tofu skewers with spicy mango, and lime-grilled avocado or a mouthwatering garlic mushroom kebab? Or if you’re after something a to get your teeth into, you can never go wrong with the humble veggie burger. Try some unique options like a portobello mushroom and peach burger which has earthy and sweet flavours, or try a jalapeno, chickpea and lentil burger with all the trimmings and a side of sweet potato fries for a welcome spicy kick.
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    Where can you find the best vegan restaurants on the Gold Coast?

    Where are the Gold Coast's finest vegan restaurants? Well, the short answer is that you can find them right here on Quandoo! If you're looking for vegan restaurants on the Gold Coast close to some of the best nightlife in the area, then you’ll be wanting to head to Surfers Paradise. Burleigh is another neighbourhood with some excellent vegan restaurants, while Broadbeach and Mermaid beach are other options. Essentially, no matter where you find yourself you’ll be able to find delicious vegan food. Check out the Gold Coast's vegan restaurants here on Quandoo for some great ideas on where to find some of the best vegan dishes in the area.