425 Restaurants in Perth

Multiculturalism makes for great restaurants in Perth

Without a doubt one of Australia’s coolest cities, Perth has a lot to offer to both visitors and inhabitants. As the capital of Western Australia, the city has a cosmopolitan vibe with its many different cultures, cuisines and languages. The abundance of restaurants in Perth represents the city’s diverse population, with something for just about every diner. From Ireland to Japan, the city’s immigrants have made their mark on the city in more ways than one, opening up shops and grocery stores, running some of the best restaurants in Perth and working as engineers, scientists and teachers. Whether or not you hail from a different land, you can still appreciate having the opportunity to dine at such a wide variety of restaurants, and you can even reserve them ahead with Quandoo!

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Bad Apples Bar

Bad Apples Bar

Tommy Sugo - Cannington

Tommy Sugo - Cannington

Tong's Kitchen

Tong's Kitchen
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Wassup Dog Fremantle

Wassup Dog Fremantle

OEC Bob Cafe

Town Centre
Cake & Coffee$$$$
OEC Bob Cafe
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    Discover a new favourite at the South African restaurants in Perth

    Believe it or not, South Africans make up the fourth largest ethnic group in Perth. In the 1980s and 90s, waves of Afrikaners and Anglo-Africans made their way over to Perth, and it didn’t take long for the city to start evolving into a hub for African restaurants. Over 18,000 South Africans ‘packed for Perth’ thanks to its similarly hot climate and proximity to the water. You’ll find many great South African restaurants in Perth, ranging from the more traditional-style dining establishments to those with more of a kitschy feel. Like in South Africa, these Perth restaurants serve up succulent barbecued beef, exotic meats and traditional stews. Whichever variety of African restaurant in Perth you’re looking for, you’ll find them if you look in the right place.
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    Don’t break the piggy bank! Find affordable restaurants in Perth

    Perth has its fair share of fine dining establishments, but the city is also home to a number of budget-friendly eateries that are perfect for any occasion, no matter whether you want to pig out at a buffet with some friends, enjoy a three-course Asian meal, or pick up a burrito the size of a baby. There are low-cost cafes galore offering up everything from bagels to quinoa, and usually free wi-fi, too. Because the city is home to The University of Western Australia, you’ll find numerous wallet-friendly Perth restaurants that are perfect for frugal students and other folks looking to save a buck. You’ll find these restaurants all around Perth rather than one particular area. Be sure to keep on the lookout for Perth restaurants with low-priced lunch specials – you’ll often find multi-course menus with deeply discounted options at some of the Asian restaurants in Perth.
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    Meat free is the way to be at the vegetarian restaurants in Perth

    As in just about any big city, Perth is home to a significant population of vegetarians, and it’s known internationally as a great place for vegetarian travellers to visit. There are options for vegans, vegetarians, pescatarians, and the gluten-intolerant – Perth restaurants offer something for everyone no matter their dietary preferences. The city’s vegetarian restaurants come in many shapes and sizes, with some geared more towards health nuts and some even serving vegan fast food. You’ll also find a number of Asian eateries in Perth that offer either a fully vegetarian menu, or a separate menu next to their usual one.
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    Dine on the waterfront at Perth restaurants

    In a city surrounded by so much water, it’s without any wonder that dining on the waterfront is such a popular pastime in the Western Australian capital. With the Swan River flowing through the city and the Indian Ocean to the west, the city has a close connection to the water. From seafood restaurants to Mexican street food eateries, there are all kinds of amazing dining establishments boasting beautiful views over the water. While some are on the more expensive side, you’ll also find more affordable options. In case you go for the more upscale option, we definitely recommend booking your table ahead of time with Quandoo.
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    Do the smart thing and reserve at Perth restaurants ahead of time!

    If you’re looking to dine at one of the best restaurants in Perth, save yourself the extra trouble and reserve a table with Quandoo. With just a few clicks of a computer mouse or a couple taps of a finger, you can easily find the place that’s best for you. Filter by location, price range or cuisine, read reviews, then book a table instantly. It’s a piece of cake! Each time you reserve you’ll receive Loyalty Points that you can trade in for cash back. But don’t just take our word for it – download the app for iOS or Android, or book online using your preferred web browser. Happy hunting!