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Gregory Hills Hotel

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About Gregory Hills Hotel

As a rather quiet suburb of Sydney, naysayers may never have had too much of a reason to venture as far as Gregory Hills, but with the arrival of Gregory Hills Hotel, now, they definitely do. This is a new pub and if its early popularity is anything to go by, it seems it’s hear to stay. Set on Lasso Road, just a stone’s throw from the main Camden Valley Way, it’s a large set up with space enough for everyone. By that we mean there’s live entertainment, a kids area and plenty of seating fit for drinks or casual family dining. The food is terrific, too, with vast menus that offer the best pub classics as well as some curious treats. This is a pub you can’t afford to miss.

Opening Hours

  • Monday 10:00 - 00:00
  • Tuesday 10:00 - 00:00
  • Wednesday 10:00 - 00:00
  • Thursday 10:00 - 00:00
  • Friday 10:00 - 00:00
  • Saturday 10:00 - 00:00
  • Sunday 10:00 - 00:00
Gregory Hills Hotel, Lasso Road 14-26, 2557 Sydney

Further Information

Even though Gregory Hills Hotel has something for everyone, it certainly doesn’t skimp on style or attention to detail. This Sydney restaurant and pub – excellently located on Lasso Road in Gregory Hills, obviously – is as eclectic as it is contemporary. And that’s a balance that’s hard to get right. On arrival at Gregory Hills Hotel you’ll be met with a range of seating from high stools at the bar to cushty leather sofas by the fire, as well as wood floors, tiled floors, interesting lighting arrangements and plenty of exposed steel. Oh, and there’s also a charming al fresco area. This really is a beautiful spot. A jewel in Gregory Hills’ crown, if you please.

As well as being the perfect spot for a drink in Gregory Hills, the Gregory Hills Hotel also houses a very accomplished kitchen, serving the best of Australian pub food. There are pizzas and plenty of sharer plates, a light bar menu that provides casual nibbling, while some highlights from the main menu have to be the roasted pork knuckle with beer gravy and mash, the chicken parm or the panko crumbed schnitzel. As we said, if you’re after Australian classics, you’ll find a strong showing of them here. Fit for any occasion, Gregory Hills Hotel is worth travelling from Sydney for, because Gregory Hills is certainly proud to have it.


192 Reviews

4.8 /6 Excellent 192 Reviews
Quality/Price: cheap
Service: friendly
Food: delicious
Noise: average
Waiting Time: short
Atmosphere: entertaining
71 6
61 5
34 4
9 3
13 2
4 1
1 review so far 6
26.06.2017 10:15

Great food, generous servings and easy to book online. Staff were helpful and friendly - kids enjoyed the indoor play area overall a lovely family atmosphere. Thanks

1 review so far 6
26.06.2017 07:41

Great food, great price. Kids love the playground and colouring pages. I love the craft beer selection and oh that Pork Knuckle, yum. Wife had the Salmon and we all had a great night night out.

1 review so far 6
25.06.2017 22:54

First time at the hotel everything was great from booking on line to adding an extra person no problems. Staff were friendly and efficient. The meals were very good overall a good dining experience and I would recommend to friends and family.

1 review so far 6
22.06.2017 09:17

We had a great time last night at Gregory Hills hotel. The food was delicious, drinks were yummy and staff were very nice. Overall a great experience and will definitely go back

1 review so far 5
05.06.2017 07:08

Always great experience at the Gregory Hills Hotel the atmosphere and good is amazing. The only issue is our food took almost an hour to get to us for a table of 8 and we all order at the same time by food was split up some of us got it first and others got it later and the kids got their food last. Wasn't happy with that.

1 review so far 6
10.03.2017 10:33

We had a mixture of starters and mains between five people and all were very nice. The pork knuckle was exceptional good but the gravy let the dish down. The garlic bread is always a winner and the crumb on the chicken snitchell was fantastic, with just enough salad and chips too. The calamari and buffalo wings were great with just enough heat in the wings, but the blue cheese sauce was my favourite. The gravy is the only thing that I didn't really enjoy. Overall a great night with good company and great food.

1 review so far 5
20.03.2017 09:15

It was a lovely place not too crowded with tables like some places. Kids play area good, staff friendly and everyone was happy with the food. I don't eat dairy and they accidently put fetta on my burger but they were happy enough to make me another one. I think one thing that would be good is if they could have one vegan/vego option on their menu. The mushroom burger is a bit boring, if they got some gardien beefless burgers they could make a fabulous cheese burger. Otherwise it was a great place and we will def come back.

1 review so far 5
26.04.2017 15:16

It was our first time here and we were pleasantly suprised, it was was busy and vibrant with a great atmosphere. I have heard mixed reviews on the food, so was unsure about what to expect. My only issue was that I ordered a 400g sirloin steak and it was quite small, maybe the bone weighed alot. That did not take anything away from the taste of the food it was great and everyone enjoyed there meals. We would certainly go back and will do so again soon.

1 review so far 6
09.06.2017 07:36

Awesome service! Great food! We are a young family who are fairly new residing in the area. Gregory Hills Hotel is nice and modern. Excellent environment and cater's for our young children too.

1 review so far 6
26.02.2017 20:33

We were originally put outside with the smokers and near the band. My fault as I didn't indicate that I wanted high chairs for two toddlers. Once we asked if we could move inside the girls on the floor did an amazing job helping us sorting out a space, even though they were fully booked. Customer service was 100% perfect. Will head back soon

1 review so far 5
11.05.2017 09:31

We had a party of 26 and even though the food line was half way through the bar, it was served fast and hot. Great service and we had an ice cream cake stored in the freezer which was no problem and cake plates with cutlery supplied - awesome service with smiles made for a great afternoon at our 'local'. Everybody enjoyed their food and had a great time. Thanks and we'll be back again soon!

1 review so far 2
16.04.2017 13:03

Called to make a reservation. Was advised to make a reservation online and did so. Walked in and was not sure where to go from there. Tables had numbers on them and we were not sure if we just need to pick a table or check with someone. we could not see staff other than ones behind the bar area or the kitchen. Finally saw a gentleman from security who went to look for staff. One staff member walked past us and then came back and walked to a table and asked "is this alright?" and walked off. Needless to say, it was a frustrating 5 minutes of standing around not knowing what to do, where to go or find staff. We had friends from out of town with us. Spent the rest of the evening apologising for the embarrassing service. Had most places not been closed for the holiday (Good Friday), would have walked out to another restaurant. Terrible experience for a first time and has left a bad impression of the place for us. Good luck.

1 review so far 5
01.05.2017 07:47

Venue was well presented and plenty of staff on hand. Selection of drinks was good also. The line up for the food was quite long but understandable. Most of the meals came out fairly quickly but one couples took along time considering they ordered first. Food was ok but certainly not fantastic all round. Sirloin Steak was ordered Medium and came out well done and was very thin and quiet fatty

1 review so far 6
06.02.2017 08:38

The food and service were outstanding. 10 out of 10 to the staff. the place is lovely. Everyone had a great time. Thank you to Gregory Hills Hotel

1 review so far 6
22.01.2017 12:20

Great atmosphere. Also great bar service from Ryan- I requested a Mocktail list & he made one up for me like was no problem- people like this make pregnancy socialising much easier! However more than 1 person should be taking bistro orders on a Saturday night- I waited in line to order for 25 minutes.

1 review so far 5
13.03.2017 14:27

The decor of The Hotel is fabulous, our meals came out quite quickly and was delicious.We had a variety of food steak, lamb shank shepherds pie, fish and chips, octopus salad, pizza and Parmy. The only thing I would say is staff need to pick up dirty glasses and plates a little quicker, other than that was a lovely experience and will certainly return

1 review so far 5
04.05.2017 07:21

The hotel has a nice decor and seems family friendly. Food was good, but the only down point is having to order food at the bar instead of at the restaurant. Staff were friendly and service was reasonably quick. Noise level was high, due mainly to the number of small children running wild through eating area and in between tables.

1 review so far 4
12.02.2017 15:32

Booked table for 12 at 8pm for birthday celebration on saturday night. It was packed. The que to order food was longer wait than it was for the food. Food was nice as usual. But our table was put right in front of the live entertainment. So we couldn't talk amongst each other as it was loud. We eventually moved ourselves when other tables became available. Overall experience was pleasant but noisy.

1 review so far 6
18.04.2017 07:42

Having lived in this area for 4 years I'm more than happy that we've got such a classy establishment here. I was super impressed with the staff..the food..the atmosphere and my partner loved the craft beers. What a great place! Congratulations to everyone involved! We'll be back!

1 review so far 5
30.01.2017 11:26

We had a great experience at the Gregory Hills Hotel. The table was ready when we got there and the food was great. Will definitely be coming back.

1 review so far 4
05.04.2017 15:12

booking was easy but there is no way to contact the hotel on website booking in case of late arrival. The Hotel is great. Excellent setup but it gets very busy and we had to wait in line for quite a while to place our dinner order. The food was a good size and cooked well. Tasty but just average. Would probably go again if friends wanted to.

1 review so far 5
05.02.2017 09:46

Booked a table but other patrons had moved our sign but management were quick to sort out the problem and found us a new table. Only issue was to wait in line to order food was about 25mins, the food turn around was very quick once we ordered and was a great meal.

1 review so far 6
31.05.2017 14:52

Good food and great atmosphere. The solo performer was excellent with a great range of old and modern songs and a fantastic voice! The only negative was it was very cold where he was located. It would have been nice if he was inside.

1 review so far 5
29.04.2017 23:08

Service was good, meals come quickly, food wasn't as good as we thought, some of the meals was nice but some off them not, they should have more meat trays for the meat raffle only 1 they had, live band was good too, after all experience was good, we will be back

1 review so far 5
19.02.2017 09:39

I ordered one of the specials @$18, the single lamb shank with mash and peas. The quantity was very disappointing due to the shank having little meat and small proportions of mash. It was served in a small dish as well. My other guests were relatively pleased with their meals.

1 review so far 6
12.03.2017 16:04

Gregory hills hotel is a great place to go, very reasonably priced and great staff. We had a booking of 22 people on a busy sunday and we all had our food in half an hour. I highly recommend this place.

1 review so far 5
30.05.2017 10:17

The meal was excellent. We asked to be moved to a larger table as 6 in a booth was a bit squashy but I think this was a mistake as we were put into the bar area and it was too noisy, our mistake. We had a great night

1 review so far 4
25.06.2017 18:36

Over priced for such small portions of food, same with the cocktails. Cold and very dark inside. Our table was booked for 2pm, but we decided to go an hour early and found that our table had been down for 12:30pm, without any calls or emails from staff, if we were to be late, our table would have been given away.

1 review so far 4
13.05.2017 09:10

Overall the atmosphere was great & the staff were friendly however it was disappointing my son's 'kids pizza' was forgotten and our party of 10 ppl who ordered main meals was almost finished before it was bought out. I also wouldn't of substituted chips for potato with my meal if i knew it was from a packet! Great kids play area.

1 review so far 6
20.05.2017 12:35

The food was great, beer cold, service excellent. I had the pork knuckle, was delicious, and very filling. The other members of the family had nachos and salt and pepper squid, the food itself was nice, they just chose poorly.

1 review so far 4
26.01.2017 11:43

Never been there before. Made a reservation. On arrival three staff were standing together talking. We didn't know which was out table and had to approach staff to ask. Maybe a name card on the table would help instead of just a reservation sign? Food was great. Even better that we were able to take uneaten pizzas home.

4 reviews so far 6
05.04.2017 12:41

Best food and great atmosphere! Love going here to eat and have a quiet drink. We go there at least once a week and now have made it our local. People are always lovley! And willing to help.

1 review so far 4
26.02.2017 16:47

Great food great atmosphere. Only negative we ordered garlic bread to come out with our starters and it never came I asked a staff member and they said would get it sent straight out it came out after we had all finished our mains and too full to eat anymore so was wasted. Would definitely go again.

1 review so far 4
27.03.2017 20:54

Meals come out quick unless you have a steak or other then its like standard wait times. Meals very healthy in size. Friendly staff. Nice premises. Meals Very reasonable priced. Out of stock of a couple of the wines by glass which was a bit of a bummer. Girls were after a sweet wine. No alternatives available.

1 review so far 6
14.05.2017 19:25

We were very happy with our lunch which was served quickly the staff were friendly and helpful the children had a great day the girls loved the face painting. And a big thank you for the complementary bubbles.

3 reviews so far 6
30.05.2017 07:04

Have found Monday nights to be the quietest. Great steak special has never disappointed. We were a group of five and chose four different dishes. Everyone was pleased with their meal. Quick service and very pleasant server

1 review so far 6
14.05.2017 18:57

Mother's Day was packed. However, the food was great and came out very quickly. The customer service team were very helpful and made the day very special for both my mum and The bf's mum as well!!!

1 review so far 6
15.04.2017 09:33

We got there early expecting to wait for our table but it was set up for us. The food was excellent and even though was busy came out relatively fast. Service at this place is always great.

1 review so far 5
06.04.2017 09:02

All our meals were excellent. The only thing we could pick was the volume of the music when people are trying to talk and eat. Particularly being early in the night . If the music volume goes up after the kitchen closes that's understandable.

1 review so far 5
29.01.2017 08:04

Great food and service. Pub is very trendy. I didn't do my research as to what was on, very loud band, so I couldn't talk to any of my guests. I would still go back mid week for a meal.

1 review so far 6
19.03.2017 19:25

It was a very nice lunch it came very quickly even though they were very busy, meals were very big very good value for money and service was excellent. Had a lovely time

1 review so far 6
18.02.2017 19:12

Great place to go on a Friday night. Love the live music and ambience. The only downside was the queue to order the food was too long. Apart from that everything was great.

1 review so far 4
05.03.2017 10:40

Had to wait 45 minutes for food, which we were told was the case, however it was lunch time, they should have had extra chefs on to accomodate the lunch time rush, however when the good finally did arrive it was worth the wait (for pub food)

1 review so far 6
07.02.2017 14:40

Very busy place and the kids area is very good. The food isnt to bad although with a busy night you van tell that the food is rushed and not 100%.

3 reviews so far 6
21.06.2017 22:27

Incredible for food. Such a good atmosphere. Pulled pork burger is amazing. I wouldn't of this place at all, it is such a nice get together place for friends and family

1 review so far 6
14.05.2017 17:50

Amazing food, speedy service, love the kids play area. But most importantly the friendly faces of the staff who served us. Brilliant 10 out of 10! We will definitely be back.

1 review so far 5
11.03.2017 09:36

We had a great night, food was really good, we had pumpkin and feta pizza, chicken parmi, steak and lots of sides- would recommend all of it. The music was also really good. We will be back.

1 review so far 6
08.03.2017 19:17

Great venue, great food, great atmosphere, family friendly. Booking a table was so easy online, everything was organised, staff was friendly and helpful. It was a perfect family reunion gathering.

1 review so far 6
08.05.2017 07:18

Great atmosphere and service! Fantastic they had a free jumping castle for the kids. Food as always was absolutely delicious!!! The playground for the kids is also a massive winner

1 review so far 6
22.01.2017 10:33

Staff were very friendly the atmosphere great choice on the menu. Great pub. Will be going back to this pub. Good to know there is a courtesy bus as well.