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Cuisine: Persian/Iranian
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7 Restaurants in Sydney: Persian/Iranian

Discover Sydney's Persian restaurants

When in Sydney you expect to experience a thriving, cosmopolitan and beautiful city packed with outdoor pursuits, fine architecture, designer retail, beaches and culture...after all, it is one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world and attracts over 8 million tourists every year. But did you also know that there are some superb Persian restaurants in Sydney and a thriving Iranian community? If you're looking to discover a delicious style of cooking that remains relatively less well-known compared to the more obvious international cuisines, head to Sydney's enticing Persian restaurants to experience new tastes, rich history and a warm culture that always makes guests feel welcome.

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Jaam E Jam

Jaam E Jam

Orchid Persian Restaurant

Crows Nest
Middle Eastern$$$$
Orchid Persian Restaurant

The Persian Room

The Persian Room
Looking for the best restaurants near you?

Terrace Cafe Restaurant

Terrace Cafe Restaurant

Din Din Persian Kitchen

Surry Hills
Din Din Persian Kitchen

Shahrood Restaurant

Shahrood Restaurant

Persian Chef

Persian Chef
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    Discover an ancient, fascinating cuisine at Sydney's Persian restaurants

    You may be familiar with jewelled pilafs studded with almonds and pomegranates and spiced kebabs, but Sydney's Persian restaurants serve up a delectable array of dishes which will enthral all foodies. Iranian cuisine is rich, sensual and aromatic, focusing on ingredients such as cardamom, saffron, raisins, cumin and rose water. Its fragrant, complex dishes inspire food writers in a way that few cuisines can claim to and its history stretches back throughout the ages. What's more, this style of cooking has influenced other international cuisines, such as Indian - which is often based on original 'Mughal' cuisine.
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    What sort of foods can you enjoy in Sydney's Persian restaurants?

    Gourmets beginning their Iranian food journey must get to know fesenjan, or walnut or pomegranate stew, made with chicken or duck and traditionally served at weddings. Bademjan, or tomato and eggplant stew is another rich, red classic dish which should traditionally be covered in a sheen of oil to show that it has been simmered for long enough. Try zereshk polo, or barberry rice, a sour, tart side dish which is cooked with butter and other ingredients such as orange and tamarind to soften the flavour. Persian restaurants in Sydney will also serve the classic herb and cheese side dish of sabzi khordan, which combines fresh and edible herbs as palette cleansers between courses, served with fresh cheese and flatbread. For dessert, try sholeh zard, or saffron rice pudding made with butter, almonds, pistachios and rose water.
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    Where are Persian restaurants in Sydney located?

    The main CBD has some excellent eateries, and you'll find busy dining areas containing the best of Sydney's Persian restaurants around Bondi and Sydney's other busy beaches. Darling Harbour is another great spot, along with the specialist dining areas of Circular Quay, Walsh Bay, Tramsheds Harold Park, Chippendale and Roseberry. Don't forget to check out the city's flourishing suburbs either for family-run, authentic Sydney Persian restaurants. This gastronomic city is packed with eateries and you'll spot enticing venues as you meander and explore the sights, but you can also read diner reviews on Quandoo to get the insider scoop.
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    Which of Sydney's Persian restaurants do Quandoo users rate?

    Quandoo users have experienced some of the finest Persian restaurants in Sydney and have left glowing reviews. Some of their favourites include Britto's Cafe and Restaurant in Fairfield, which is ideally placed for a reviving meal after an afternoon of retail therapy, the Terrace Cafe Restaurant in Parramatta, which is a traditional Iranian fine dining eatery in a beautiful old building, and the Persian Chef in Lindfield, which is warm, welcoming and authentic. Just be mindful that Sydney's Persian restaurants can book up very quickly and it isn't uncommon for there to be queues and disappointed diners at peak times. Don't take the risk of being turned away - book your table up to two hours in advance with Quandoo and simply focus on enjoying your evening of fine flavours, impeccable service and an unforgettable cuisine which will stimulate your senses and create lasting memories. Just remember to leave a review for your favourite Persian restaurants in Sydney for others to enjoy!